Russian Foreign Ministry on Ukraine and Afghanistan

Russian Foreign Ministry’s deputy Information and Press Department director Alexey Zaytsev (AZ below) discussed US-colonized Ukraine’s aggression against the people of Donbass with no end of it in prospect because Biden regime hardliners want it continued endlessly like their predecessors.

Years of Russian efforts to resolve conflict diplomatically failed because Washington wants forever war waged along its border.

So-called Ukrainian negotiators follow orders from abroad, at this time by Biden regime hardliners Blinken, his co-conspirators, and Pentagon commanders against peace and stability.

Since agreeing to Minsk I and II principles in September 2014 and February 2015 respectively, Kiev breached them consistently and repeatedly on orders from its US master.

AZ stressed that “Kiev’s contemptuous disregard for Donbass residents is further illustrated by the situation on the line of contact,” adding: 

“(D)ata provided by the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission testify to new military preparations by” Ukraine’s military — funded, armed, trained and directed by hegemon USA.  

Over the summer, Kiev prepared an “offensive action (in breach of) Ceasefire Reinforcement Measures adopted in July 2020.”

The Zelensky regime’s military commander Valery Zaluzhny said he’ll preemptively attack Donbass without approval of the country’s leadership — taking his orders directly from the Pentagon and CIA. 

He noted that Ukrainian snipers were positioned along the line of contact to target Donbass freedom fighters and civilians.

Indiscriminate cross-border shelling continues.

Ruling Kiev fascists are hostile toward their own people, notably Russian-speaking ones.

They’re “deprived of their right to live in their native linguistic and cultural environment,” AZ explained, adding:

“UN experts point out that despite (Ukraine’s guaranteed constitutional right) of free development, use and protection of the Russian and other languages ​​of ethnic minorities…Russian language is (virtually) outlawed in the country.”

Online “bullying calls for violence, as well as threats and intimidation against those who express positive opinions about the Russian language or otherwise express views regarded as pro-Russian.”  

All of the above reflects orders by the Obama, Trump and Biden regimes — part of their war on Russia by other means.

They transformed Ukraine into a cesspool of fascist tyranny, a dagger pointed at Russia’s heartland, a separate one directed at Ukrainians wanting to live free in a land respectful of their fundamental rights as guaranteed under international law.

Polar opposite goes on as directed by US hardliners.

AZ explained that OSCE observers “at the Gukovo and Donetsk checkpoints (along) the Russian-Ukrainian border completed (their mission) on September 30,” their mandate now expired.

They’ll “leave Russia within the next several weeks.”

Their deployment in summer 2014 “was a show of goodwill on (Moscow’s) behalf.” 

Its purpose was to encourage Kiev to pursue “a peaceful settlement (of) the Donbass conflict.”

Instead, US-dominated NATO regimes used their presence “to foment conflict (and make) absurd demands on” Moscow.

Because of what’s gone on since 2014, renewing the OSCE’s mandate was “pointless,” AZ explained.

On all things Russia and use of Ukrainian forces as US proxy troops, nothing in prospect suggests a change in policy by Biden regime hardliners.

Separately on Afghanistan, AZ explained that the country faces major socioeconomic challenges.

Its “banking sector is paralyzed” at a time of limited financial resources.

Ruling Taliban authorities are unable to pay most public sector employees and military personnel.

AZ: “The deplorable state of the national economy has resulted in a sharp rise in prices, while industrial production has declined.”

A statement by Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, saying that the new government intends to halt drugs trafficking pursued by the CIA  is a hopeful sign amidst having to deal with a dysfunctional economy and an ocean of misery endured by the country’s long-suffering people

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