Congenital Lying

Proliferating fake news mass deception on things mattering most is the stock and trade of MSM.

Journalist for The New Yorker AJ Liebling from 1935 until his 1963 death once said:

“Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one,” adding:

“People everywhere confuse what they read in newspapers with news.”

The above notably applies to the dismal state of US/Western television — the ultimate instrument of mass deception.

Hours most Americans spend watching is why educator/media critic Neil Postman once called them “the most entertained and least informed people in the world.”

They’re easily manipulated to believe most anything drummed into their minds repeatedly no matter how untrue.

With everything to sell not worth buying, it has nothing to tell.

Americans especially are easy marks to be misinformed and disinformed. 

Deliberately deceived, they told what powerful interests want fed them, what’s vital to know suppressed.

On all things flu/covid — especially about health-destroying jabs — MSM Big Lies and mass deception reached a never before apogee in both fake news and intensity of its round-the-clock drumbeat.

On Sunday, the most reviled and distrusted name in television fake news CNN pushed for more greatly mass-infecting US nurses and other healthcare staff than already.

It lied claiming that over 100,000 in their ranks died from flu/covid.

It lied saying deaths of US healthcare staff averaged 200 daily “since the pandemic began” that doesn’t exist — except for the jabbed with toxins designed to destroy health.

It lied claiming that mass-jabbing “is vital to ending the (nonexistent) pandemic (sic).”

It called for exporting more supplies abroad — with mass-exterminating greater numbers of unwanted millions and billions in mind, it left unexplained.

It lied claiming that “(f)ailure to (mass-jab) healthcare workers against (flu/covid) threatens the entire world’s population with increased, but preventable, sickness and death (sic).”

It called for “ramp(ing) up manufactur(e)” of jabs for greater mass-extermination worldwide than already left unexplained.

Defying reality, it called kill shots “lifesaving” ones (sic).

It lied describing their proliferation “a global public good (sic).”

It called diabolical Pfizer, Moderna and J & J kill shot producers “good corporate citizens (sic).”

It lied claiming that healthcare workers worldwide “face daily death and devastation” from flu/covid (sic).”

With far greater mass-extermination in mind, it called for mass-jabbing  “all the world’s healthcare workers (and all others targeted for elimination), and we must do this now (sic).”

CNN goes out of its way to prove and re-prove that on all things most important, truth and full disclosure is banned on its fake news channel.

The same thing applies to the self-styled newspaper of record NYT.

It lied about fake numbers of American casualties, including deaths, from flu/covid.

It lied about more scariant than variant delta, falsely claiming it “caused a spike in deaths among nursing home residents (sic).”

Toxic jabs are killing large numbers of elderly Americans, what they’re designed to do — not delta.

It lied about surging flu/covid outbreaks in Alaska.

Wherever outbreaks increase anywhere, they largely affect jabbed individuals, unjabbed ones profoundly safer, as well as individuals with natural immunity from having contracted and fully recovered from the viral illness.

Separately, a WSJ analysis found that US hospitals are charging exorbitant amounts to treat flu/covid patients of up to and more than $200,000, explaining:

“The range of prices shows how similar hospital services can generate widely disparate bills.”

“(P)rices often reflect the leverage that an insurer has to wrangle discounts, as well as the hospital’s market power to drive up its rates.”

The Journal quoted patient-advocacy firm MedWise Insurance Advocacy CEO Adria Gross saying:

“Some (patients) have limited insurance and they are getting these crazy bills, and they’re saying, ‘I don’t know how I’m going to get through it.”

Because the cost of health insurance is exorbitantly high, most Americans have inadequate coverage for expensive treatments.

For those facing costs amounting to tens of thousands of dollars beyond what their policies cover, dealing with what’s beyond their ability to pay is far worse than the disease requiring hospitalization.

On October 22 and 23, Physicians for a National Health Program will hold what it calls a “Moving Mountains for Medicare for All” meeting to take place virtually via Zoom.

What’s vital at all times is virtually banned by the US ruling class in deference to the profiteering interests of Pharma, insurers and large hospital chains.

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