No End to MSM War on Public Health

Since US/Western dark forces deceptively renamed seasonal flu covid with diabolical aims in mind, MSM press agents for wealth and power proved themselves to be weapons of mass deception more egregiously than ever before.

On Sunday, CNN again proved why it’s the most reviled and distrusted name in television fake news — the real thing banned by its management.

Repeating the Big Lie about over 700,000 American lives lost to flu/covid, the cable channel’s so-called medical analyst Jonathan Reiner and George Washington University’s Pamela Brown pushed the Big Lie claim that toxic jabs can prevent harm to health and deaths they cause.

They praised Merck’s new toxic jab in pill form.

Its rushed development virtually assures harm to health by taking it as directed.

As a previous article explained, “expert physicians recommend not taking new drugs for at least five years,” what Harvard’s Center for Ethics Professor Donald W. Light explained in 2014.

Like other Pharma giants, Merck prioritizes profits, even at the expense of health.

Taking a rushed to market new drug it developed in a year or less will be playing Russian roulette with health, a gamble highly likely to turn out badly.

Like other MSM propaganda reports, CNN falsely claims that jabs designed to harm health are the only way to protect it.

On air round-the-clock, it pushes this Big Lie daily 24/7.

Protecting health requires ignoring the daily drumbeat of MSM Big Lies and mass deception on all things flu/covid and virtually all other major issues.

Defying science, National Pentagon Radio (NPR) expressed support for what the Pharma-controlled CDC called an “urgent” need for pregnant women, ones wanting to be pregnant, or having recently given birth to be jabbed with toxins virtually certain to harm them and their offspring, an agency statement falsely saying:

The “CDC strongly recommends (flu/covid jabs) before or during pregnancy because (so-called) benefits (that don’t exist) outweigh” indisputable risks.

Through late September, CDC VAERS data – that represents less than 1% of casualties — revealed over 3,800 adverse events in pregnant women who were jabbed for protection not gotten.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. tweeted the following about harm to Kristi Dobbs from flu/covid jabbing:

She “recounted how she’s spent 9 months pleading w/health agencies to research neurological injuries she developed (from) Pfizer’s (toxic mRNA jabbing) + how she is trying to get word out about (its) potential risks.”

Her symptoms include “full-body paresthesia, internal tremors/vibrations, fatigue, brain fog, muscle pain and weakness, pelvic pain, irregular menstrual cycles, skin rashes, tinnitus, temperature regulation issues, swollen lymph nodes, loss of appetite, weight loss, dizziness/balance issues, blood pressure regulation issues, neck pain, headaches, heart palpitations, convulsions at night and insomnia.”

Yet US public health agencies ignored her calls for help in support of Pfizer’s profit-making interests.

Instead of explaining that jabs harmed millions of Americans and countless millions more abroad — including pregnant women and others after giving birth and their offspring, along with large-scale numbers of fetal deaths — NPR defied reality by falsely claiming no harm to pregnant women or an “increase of miscarriage(s) among the” jabbed, adding:

It also pushed the Big Lie CDC claim that failing to be jabbed jeopardizes the health of “a pregnant person (sic) and their unborn baby (sic).”

It lied saying that unjabbed pregnant women “have a higher risk of admission into intensive care and a 70% increased risk of death.”

It lied claiming that unjabbed women face “an increased risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes that could include preterm birth, stillbirth and admission into intensive care of a newborn (sic).”

NPR quoted fraudster CDC head Walensky’s Big Lie claim about what she falsely called “protective benefits of (toxic jabs for) their babies and themselves” that don’t exist.

Like other conventional and social MSM, NPR pushes toxic mass-jabbing of what irreversibly harms health when taken as directed.

The only “coronavirus” crisis that exists is among the jabbed.

Shunning health-destroying toxins in jabs is crucial to be safe from harm that US/Western dark forces and their MSM co-conspirators aim to inflict on maximum numbers of people worldwide with eliminating them in mind.

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