US/Western Academia’s War on Public Health

Ties that bind between US/Western academia and special interests compromise what scholarship, teaching, learning and campus life should be all about.

Instead of being free from the corrupting influence of politics and bottom-line interests of business, academia lost its soul by going the other way in increasing numbers.

Since garden variety flu was renamed covid last year with diabolical aims in mind, medical tyranny spread like wildfire on US campuses nationwide.

They’re allied with US/Western dark forces and Pharma profiteers, drug peddlers responsible for enormous harm on countless numbers of people in all years.

In 2020, the National Center for Educational Statistics listed 3,982 public and private colleges.

They include 1,625 public four-year and two-year schools.

There are 1,660 private nonprofit four-year and two-year ones.

There are also 697 for-profit schools as of fall 2019. 

The above data divide institutions into subcategories to include four-year colleges and universities, as well as two-year community colleges of varying sizes.

In its own listing of US higher-education schools, US News & World Report included 1,452 ones with accredited four-year undergraduate degree programs.

University of Southern California School of Education emeritus dean Guilbert Hentschke explained the following:

Education is “like any industry in the sense that you’ve got activity with firms growing, opening, closing, changing, merging continually.”

Numbers of higher education institutions in the US change over time.

According to as of September 30:

Over 1,000 US colleges and universities require mass-jabbing of students, faculty and staff on campus — their numbers continuing to grow.

While most US institutions of higher learning appear not to have taken this step so far — based on the above statistics — it many be just a matter of time before at least a significant majority cross the line to this status.

Schools that permit the unjabbed on campus have other draconian policies that include regular PCR testing that proves nothing whether positive or negative.

Unjabbed students may be excluded from sports and other extracurricular activities.

Unjabbed faculty members may jeopardized career advancement.

Unjabbed staff risk being replaced by others who agreed to sacrifice health as a condition of employment.

US students aspiring to higher education increasingly face the above conditions as a requirement for admission at schools nationwide that for many include ones they wish to attend.

Today’s reality is light years different from the process I remember long ago based on academic achievement and other qualifications unrelated to health.

Policies on growing numbers of campuses ignore international and constitutional law.

Voluntary consent is required on all things health related.

What risks harm to health is strictly prohibited.

US federal law prohibits mandatory use of unapproved drugs.

None for flu/covid in the US today meet the standard required for approval.

Employers, schools, hospitals, and other public venues where people gather in large numbers may not legally mandate use of unapproved drugs.

Nor may they legally mandate what conflicts with voluntary consent, but the practice is widespread anyway — heading toward perhaps becoming universal in the US nationwide based on what’s gone on since last year.

Flu/covid drugs are hazardous to health.

They’re high-risk and experimental in lieu of known safe and effective protocols when taken prophylactically or for treatment.

Policies that should be adopted nationwide are shunned in favor of what’s already harmed millions of people in the US, millions more abroad.

Much of academia is complicit with what’s going on by failing to protect the health of everyone on campus — to include steering clear of what’s greatly harmful in favor of the other way around.

Campus life today is hazardous to health in stark contrast my academic experience through college and graduate studies — light years before what students are forced to endure now.

My own esteemed alma mater joined the ranks of colleges and universities that instituted medical tyranny on campus over the rule of law and doing no harm.

On September 30, the Harvard Gazette cited and quoted Stephen Kissler, a Harvard School of Public Health research fellow with likely ties to Pharma.

Among all age groups, toxic flu/covid mass-jabbing the elderly with weakened immune systems and health issues that come with aging is most reprehensible — greatly risking their demise by jabbing toxins into their weakened bodies.

The same goes for jabbing children, adolescents and young adults that are virtually risk-free if contract the viral illness.

Full recovery is virtually certain — in most cases without meds or with known safe and effective ones if needed.

Not according to Kissler, saying:

“We really need near 100 percent (jabbing) rates in those older age groups” — those most vulnerable to serious harm from toxic jabs, either straightaway or near-term, he failed to explain.

Nor did he explain that covid is flu’s new name or that outbreaks last year and this one to date are in line with numbers in the vast majority of previous years.

Officially reported totals were artificially inflated to scare maximum numbers of people into self-inflicting harm.

Like other Harvard School of Public health professionals, Kissler left unexplained what’s vital for everyone to know by supporting the fabricated official narrative.

So-called surges in outbreaks, hospitalizations and deaths of the unjabbed bear no relation to reality.

The great majority of individuals harmed were jabbed, not the other way around.

Like his School of Public health colleagues, Kissler left all of the above unexplained.

Instead, he supports greater toxic mass-jabbing than already — going along with what US/Western dark forces and their press agent media urge — over what’s vital to protect and preserve public health and fundamental rights of everyone.

Since last year, officially reported numbers of flu/covid outbreaks, hospitalizations and deaths have been blown way out of proportion from reality to support health and freedom-destroying aims of US/Western regimes at war on their own people while falsely pretending to protect them.

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