Over a Decade of US War on Syria and its People

Directly and by use of ISIS and other jihadist foot soldiers, US forever war and occupation of northern and southern parts of Syria continues with no end of it in prospect.

What Obama/Biden launched in March 2011, continued by Trump, remains ongoing by Biden/Harris — in flagrant breach of international law US policymakers long ago abandoned in favor of forever war on humanity at home and abroad.

In late June, Russia’s UN envoy Vasily Nebenzia warned that “60% (of Syria’s 17 million people are at) risk (of perishing from) famine,” adding:

“Socio-economic and humanitarian situations (remain) deteriorated (because of) illegal economic restrictions (imposed by US-led) Western” regimes and Turkey to suffocate long-suffering Syrians into submission to their will.

In 2017, so-called Caesar Syria Civilian Protection legislation (Caesar Act) was and remains all about starving 17 million Syrians into submission to hegemon USA’s will.

The measure illegally threatens sanctions on nations, entities and individuals that maintain legitimate economic, financial, military, and intelligence relations with Damascus — their legal right under international law.

Biden regime enforcement of draconian Caesar Act legislation continues as part of US forever war on the country and its people.

Last week, Nebenzia discussed dire conditions in the country during a Security Council session, saying the following:

While most parts of the country have been liberated from the scourge of US-supported ISIS and other jihadists — including Daraa province recently — US-supported “(t)errorists in Idlib” province continue waging endless war from territory they control as directed by their Pentagon and CIA handlers.

“Over the past month, there were 760 bombardments of governmental positions, which wounded several dozen Syrian servicemen,” Nebenzia explained, adding: 

“The situation also deteriorates in the area of (illegal) Turkish operations in the north of Syria, as well as in cross-Euphrates region, where clashes between Kurds and pro-Turkish formations and Arab tribes are continuing.”

Nebenzia condemned years of endless Israeli aggression against Syria and its people — on the phony pretext of an Iranian/Hezbollah threat that doesn’t exist.

Russia’s position is clear and unambiguous.

Syria will only “enjoy lasting peace and stability only once it has fully restored its sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

It’ll only be after “illegal foreign” occupation ends, and the scourge of US/NATO/Israeli support for ISIS and other “terrorists have been permanently defeated.”

Humanitarian conditions in the country remain dire, Nebenzia stressed, adding:

“Politicization of the Syrian humanitarian file must stop.” 

It’s crucial “to ensure that humanitarian assistance is provided to all Syrians under the leading role of the UN and in accordance with UNGA resolution 46/182.”

Equally important is world community unity against illegal US sanctions in place to maximize suffering of its people.

Removing them is an urgent priority, Nebenzia stressed, an action Biden regime hardliners have no intention to implement.

Piling on more is highly likely to continue forever war on the country and its people by hot and other means.

According to UN data, 90% of Syrians are impoverished.

Millions have little or no access to what’s essential to health and well-being — because of US/NATO/Israeli forever war.

A water crisis exists for millions of Syrians.

Biden regime hardliners continue to breach Security Council Res. 2585.

It mandates unobstructed deliveries of humanitarian aid to millions of Syrians in need, notably in occupied Idlib and northern Syria overall.

Calling the resolution a “a qualitatively new basis for humanitarian assistance,” Nebenzia added:

“Time is running out. We need tangible progress on the ground that should be reflected in a UNSG report due in January 2022.”

At this time, prospects for ending US-led aggression don’t exist.

Biden regime hardliners have no intention of turning a page for peace and stability in the country.

The same goes for their endless war on humanity at home and abroad elsewhere.

Peace, stability and compliance with the rule of law are longstanding US non-starters.

Dominant Biden regime hardliners have no intention of diverging from US war on humanity — nor complying with international law they repeatedly breach.

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