The Herd Immunity Myth

Pre-2020, the herd immunity myth was and remains all about convincing parents to gets kids inoculated with multiple jabs that don’t protect against diseases and risk harm instead.

Post-2020, flu/covid jabs added to the mix are mandated or urged for most everyone aged-12 and older — soon to include kids aged 5 -11, most likely to be followed by younger-aged kids and infants.

Worse still will be mandating them for most everyone in all age groups if ordered — even for individuals who contracted the viral illness and fully recovered, gaining natural immunity, what’s most protective.

Refuseniks most likely will be labeled as pariahs — perhaps domestic terrorists — and denied employment, education, along with free access to society overall.

Or they may be involuntarily jabbed or isolated in internment camps that’ll amount to imprisonment by other means for the “crime” of wanting their health protected, not destroyed.

That’s where things are heading, including abolition of what little remains of a free and open society.

Most medical providers were co-opted to go along — under threat of delicensing or sacking — with what they know harms health and doesn’t protect, or should know for patient protection.

So-called herd immunity is the notion that if a large enough percent of a population is inoculated against disease, its spread can be contained.

According to Mayo Clinic fake news about flu-covid, if enough people have been jabbed beyond its herd immunity threshold, protection against infection can be achieved “without causing illness or resulting complications.”

Adding that it’s “not clear how long” protection lasts sounds like a Pharma-supporting commercial for forever-jabbing.

According to Humetrix analytics data, fully-jabbed individuals comprise over 71% of flu/covid cases.

Much the same goes for numbers hospitalized and deaths from the viral illness. 

The above and similar data, confirmed earlier, showed that jabs increase outbreaks and resulting complications because they harm health instead of protecting it.

They’re also a leading cause of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE).

Instead of protecting against pathogens, antibodies let foreign particles enter the body, weaken immunity, worsen disease, and risk contraction of other serious illnesses.

Strong immune systems achieved by following sound health practices protect against illness — not herd immunity, not anything from jabs or pill-popping.

Time and again, evidence shows that outbreaks of an illness — notably flu/covid — occur in proportion to numbers of people jabbed.

As numbers increase, so do outbreaks, hospitalizations and deaths.

If an entire population was fully-jabbed, the risk of breakthrough infections would be overwhelming.

The notion of herd immunity should be laid to rest once and for all.

Jabbed individuals shed and spread toxins to others they’re in close contact with.

Staying unjabbed is crucial to protect health, especially for the immuno-compromised.

An earlier Merck manual, likely hidden from public view in the age of flu/covid, said the following:

“Immuno-compromised patients should not receive live-virus vaccines, which could provoke severe or fatal infections.”

Most elderly in the West and elsewhere have weakened immune systems from aging and health issues that accompany it.

Many children vaccinated for MMR protection contract measles.

No scientific reason exists to medicate anyone in good health.

Health is best protected by as little use of drugs as possible.

Conversely, the more taken, the greater the risk of harm to health.

That surely applies to flu/covid jabs.

Along with unattainable herd immunity no matter what percent of a population is inoculated, the risk of serious harm to health — including death — is indisputable.

The notion that vaccines saved millions of people from contracting diseases likely came from Pharma marketing strategy with bottom-line interests in mind, not protecting public health or achieving unattainable herd immunity.

A Final Comment

Never before in modern US/Western memory was healthcare treatment more hazardous to well-being than since flu was renamed covid — especially if hospitalized.

If inpatient treatment is required for flu/covid, it’s a crapshoot whether hospitals will follow known safe and effective treatment protocols over ones near-certain to be harmful.

Never did I ever imagine that the above would become reality.

Never did I ever believe that hospitalization could destroy health and kill over doing no harm and prioritizing what’s best for patients.

What’s unimaginable in the US/West is today’s draconian reality.

We’re on our own like never before to protect and preserve what too precious to lose — and if lost may be unable to be regained because of mass-extermination plotting against us.

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