Israel Suppressing Reports of Harm from Flu/Covid Jabs

Israeli dark forces involved in destroying public health agreed to exclusive use of Pfizer’s DNA-altering mRNA drug designed to accomplish this objective.

According to the company’s chief scientist Philip Dormitzer weeks earlier, the drug giant is using Israel as a “laboratory” for testing its toxic drug on millions of unwitting Jewish state guinea pigs.

Israel’s Channel 12 quoted him saying that Pfizer “established a relationship with the Israeli ministry of health (for exclusive use of the firm’s drug to be) monitored very closely,” adding: 

“(S)o we had a sort of laboratory where we could see the effect.”

Israel began flu/covid mass-jabbing ahead of the US/West, Dormitzer saying:

Pfizer “s(aw) (what was) happening in Israel (before much the same occurred) in the US a couple months later.”

Israeli media reported a deal between Jewish state officials and Pfizer profiteers for supplying the mRNA drug ahead of other countries.

What’s gone on in Israel with diabolical aims — similar to what’s happening in the US/West — is with mass-elimination of unwanted people and social control tyranny in mind.

According to All Israel News (AIN) on October 1, the Bennett regime’s health ministry has been deleting thousands of social media posts that reveal adverse events from jabs.

Of 3.2 million booster-jabbed Israelis (about one-third of the population), the health ministry deleted nearly all reports of harm.

It reported only “19…serious adverse events within 30 days of the shot.” 

“Only 11 cases of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) in children ages 12 to 15” remained unredacted, AIN reported.

According to Israel’s Channel 12, thousands of testimonials that explained adverse events were expunged to conceal them from public view.

One critic told Channel 12 that there’s “no transparency and that information is hidden.” 

“There is no monitoring or encouragement system for reporting.”

Examples of remarks before expunged said the following:

“I must say that following this post of yours, I am quite worried.” 

“Until now I thought the ministry of health knew about the amount of side effects, but only silenced them.”

“Now I understand that you have not seriously investigated the issue at all.”

Another said:

“I was (jabbed twice) and after the second I was left with an arm that doesn’t function, horrible pain and a feeling of amputation that has not passed for half a year.”

“No (jab) will enter my body again.”

Still another said:

“A close friend caught meningitis immediately after” jabbing. Another friend has shingles.” 

“I know many people who are suffering from severe fatigue.” 

“Most cases do not get proper treatment and are not reported by doctors and hospitals.”

According to damage control by Israel’s flu/covid (propaganda) center:

“(C)omments that were deleted included swearing, abusive comments, lies, fake news, links from fake news distributors, etc (sic).” 

“Some are hidden by Facebook automatically and not by the page administrators,” the center said. 

(C)omments which express disappointment in or mistrust of the reporting of side effects were not hidden or deleted in any way (sic).”

Critical comments were “organized and orchestrated attack by anti-(jabbers) (sic).”

Analyst Tehila Schwartz Altshuler stressed that removal of comments “raises suspicions of an attempt to suppress the public debate.”

“Official pages funded by taxpayer money should not delete comments from the network unless they violate network rules or state laws.”

Throughout the US/West and Israel, truth-telling on all things flu/covid — especially about toxic jabs — is being hidden from public view.

Israeli health and risk communication researcher/lecturer Yaffa Shir Raz said the following:

Her remarks about harm from Pfizer jabs were “deleted four times so far” by Israeli health ministry censors, adding:

“Every time within one minute, (s)omeone is sitting there (and) serially-deleting my comments.”

One of her posts explained that Israeli Dr. Yoav Yehezelli said he’s seen increasing numbers of pulmonary embolism and thrombosis, shingles and unexplained head, muscle and joint pain among patients he treats who’ve been jabbed one or more times.

On his Facebook page he said following before deleted by its censors:

“As is well known, there is no institutionalized reporting system in Israel, and…no active monitoring of side effects.” 

“The studies that report safety are observational or data studies and they suffer from many biases.”

“It is very important that the ministry of health investigates the phenomena, updates the professional and general public, and takes them into account in its recommendations.” 

“It is important that the ministry…investigate in depth the sudden deaths of young people.”

Coverup and denial of serious harm to health from toxic jabs is official US/Western, Israeli policy.

Their ruling authorities are at war on their own people — poisoning them with what’s crucial to shun.

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