Jabbing Children a Criminal Offense

Truth-telling doctors on all things flu/covid — especially about toxic jabs — are heroic above and beyond the call of duty at a time of universal deceit.

In two separate analyses, Drs. Michael Palmer and Suchait Bhakadi (MP and SB below) denounced inoculation of children with toxic Pfizer and Moderna mRNA drugs.

Their condemnation of what’s going on applies to individuals in all age groups.

Toxic mRNA jabs have nothing to do with protecting against flu/covid infections.

They have everything to do with destroying public health.

They make jabbed individuals more vulnerable to flu/covid infection than their unjabbed counterparts.

They shorten lifespans with depopulation in mind.

MP and SB explained the following:

Jabbing children and adolescents “is unnecessary because in (their) age group the disease is almost always mild and benign.”

“For the rare clinical cases that require it, treatment is readily available” as long as safe and effective protocols are followed.

Natural “immunity to (flu/covid) widespread” from prior infection ad full recovery.

“Asymptomatic (children and) adolescents will not transmit the disease to other individuals.”

Claims by Pfizer and Moderna of around 95% effectiveness in adults and 100% in children and adolescents are fabricated, “misleading…specious (and) altogether fraudulent.”

Claimed safety of mRNA drugs is “catastrophically” false.

Evidence of harm caused in “preclinical animal trials “clearly pointed to grave dangers of adverse events.”

Since jabbing with these drugs began, “thousands of deaths” occurred straightaway or over the near-term — indisputable proof of their hazards to health.

Independent analysis by MP and SB shows that use of mRNA drugs for children and adolescents “cannot be permitted, and that its ongoing use in any and all age groups (must) be stopped immediately.”

Annual deaths from seasonal flu now called covid are extremely low when compared to many other diseases.

“According to world-leading epidemiologist John Loannidis, the infection fatality rate of (flu/covid) is 0.1% to 0.2% across all age groups, with a very strong bias towards old people, particularly those with co-morbidities.” 

“This rate does not exceed the range commonly observed with (seasonal flu)-influenza, against which )jabbing) of adolescents is not considered urgent or necessary.”

A separate analysis by “Rajapakse et al states that, internationally, children and adolescents up to 18 years (of age) accounted for only 1-2% of all confirmed clinical cases of (flu/covid), and that severity was generally low.”

“Loske et al” reported similar findings in their analysis.

Last July, the German Robert Koch Institute reported 11 fatalities in total from flu/covid in the 10 – 19 age group — “not even 2 in one million.”

“To contemplate (mass-jabbing) with an experimental (drug) in the face of such low overall mortality is not justifiable” and criminal.

“Numerous experienced physicians collaborated on establishing (safe and) effective treatment” protocols for flu/covid that exclude commonly prescribed drugs by many US doctors and hospitals that harm and kill patients.

When taken as directed, “hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin…successfully” treat and cure the viral illness.

Yet their use is widely demeaned and prohibited in the US, including by its leading hospitals.

Top-rated Mayo Clinic falsely claimed the following:

“Ivermectin isn’t a drug for treating viruses and the FDA hasn’t approved use of this drug to treat or prevent” flu/covid (sic).

“(T)he FDA withdrew (its) authorization (of) hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) when (phony) data analysis showed (it’s) not effective for treating” flu/covid.”

The above are bald-faced Big Lies about two proved safe and effective dugs for treating and curing the viral illness.

Mayo and other top-rated US hospitals advocate use of hazardous to health remdesivir for for treating flu/covid patients.

When taken as directed for the viral illness, independent medical experts warned of the hazards it poses.

MPand SB stressed that “(t)he availability of effective treatment voids the rationale for (using toxic) on any and all age groups, including (children and) adolescents.”

There’s nothing remotely safe and effective about toxic mRNA drugs and vaccines for flu/covid.

Yet they’re heavily promoted and widely used — notably in the US/West — with full knowledge of their health-destroying toxins.

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