Toxic Mass-Jabbing Pusher NIH Head to Step Down

In cahoots with fraudsters Fauci, Walensky and other US anti-public health officials, NIH director Francis Collins said he’ll step down after disserving the public for over 12 years.

He won’t missed. Saying he “love(s) this agency” ignored the enormous harm it’s done to public health during his tenure — since appointed by the Obama/Biden regime on August 17, 2009.

On Tuesday, Biden’s impersonator said the following via teleprompter, remarks scripted for him to recite: 

Falsely calling Collins “one of the most important scientists of our time (sic),” he added:

“Millions of people will never know (about his involvement in destroying, not) saving their lives.” 

Praising a figure demanding condemnation, the pro-toxic mass-jabbing NYT claimed that he and fraudster Fauci while at NIAID “made crucial discoveries that enabled the development of” mRNA Pfizer and Moderna drugs for flu/covid — designed to destroy health, not protect against the viral illness.

Throughout his tenure at NIH, Collins backed toxic mass-jabbing for alleged protection against other diseases not gotten.

As the agency’s longest serving director, he did more harm to more people than any of his predecessors.

Defying science and international law, he said the following earlier:

“(A)nything we can do to encourage reluctant folks to get (to get jabbed with health-destroying toxins is) a good thing (sic).”

Expressing support for mandating and urging jabs by the Biden regime, businesses, the Pentagon and VA, he added: 

“I’m delighted to see” things moving in this direction.”

“(D)ata (that doesn’t exist) will support” these moves (sic).”

Slamming him at the time, Fox News host Tucker Carlson said “Collins…wants you to know that even if you have been (jabbed), you can’t go back to your normal life.”

“Do you need a medical degree to know (his remarks were) complete nonsense? No, you don’t.”

Before seasonal flu was renamed covid, Children’s Health Defense director Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. said the following about the dismal state of US public health while Collins headed the NIH:

“(I)t is clear that our health departments have not only never conducted adequate vaccine safety testing either pre-or post-licensure, but in fact refuse to conduct such testing,” adding:

“It is also unacceptable that Collins refuses, in the same manner the CDC has refused for decades, to conduct a single retrospective comparison of health outcomes between vaccinated and completely unvaccinated children despite the fact they are already sitting on the data necessary for this study as confirmed by the Institutes of Medicine.”

By email to Collins in June 2017, Kennedy said the following:

There are “significant deficiencies in safety testing and surveillance (both pre and post licensure) and the well-documented conflicts of interest at CDC and FDA that prevent those agencies from addressing these issues, including their refusal to mandate the kind of fundamental safety studies it requires of every other pharmaceutical product.”

“This is particularly troubling as you are the head of the federal government task force responsible for recommending to the HHS (secretary) ways to improve vaccine safety, including safety testing and monitoring.”

Conflicts of interest abound at NIH and other so-called US public health agencies.

Collins stonewalled actions to correct things.

Kennedy stressed growing “concern in (the US) over vaccine safety and distrust of the HHS regarding vaccines” — in deference to Pharma profiteers at the expense of public health.

By letter to Collins in July 2017, Kennedy stressed that “environmental toxins (including those in vaccines)” are contributing to a “childhood chronic disease epidemic,” adding:

“(M)any parents are frustrated that the NIH and other federal agencies, such as the CDC, have repeatedly announced and commenced studies (with great fanfare that) underachieved.”

For over 12 years under Collins, the NIH was a key part of the problem, never the solution.

Countless abuses by the NIH and other US anti-public health agencies pre-2020 pale in comparison to what’s gone on since last year.

Changing the guard at NIH with Collins soon stepping down will do nothing to shift things in a positive direction.

Just the opposite is virtually guaranteed with dominant US dark forces in cahoots with Pharma and MSM co-conspirators hellbent for destroying public health to assure maximum harm on maximum numbers of unwanted people.

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