Peer-Reviewed Study Reveals What MSM Suppress

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) for medicine as it should be practiced reported what the European Journal of Epidemiology explained about flu/covid mass-jabbing.

Data from 68 countries worldwide, including the US, showed that jabs do not lower infection rates as falsely claimed by Western regimes and their MSM press agents — just the opposite.

“(C)ountries with higher percentage of population fully (jabbed) have higher (flu/covid) cases per 1 million people,” the report explained. 

Notably, Israel with around 80% of its population jabbed, most double-jabbed and a third or more booster-jabbed, flu/covid outbreaks increased from jabs instead of the other way around.

With over 75% of their populations jabbed, Iceland and Portugal have a higher incidence of outbreaks per capita than Vietnam and South Africa with around 10% of their people inoculated for protection against the viral illness not gotten, according to study results.

Analysis of US counties nationwide shows an inverse relationship to numbers jabbed — the greater the percent of residents inoculated, the higher the number of outbreaks.

Vermont is Exhibit A. With perhaps the highest percent of its population jabbed in the US at a reported 88% — even if way artificially inflated — over 75% of flu/covid deaths in the state last month were fully-jabbed for flu covid protection that killed them.

The pattern is similar most everywhere.

A pandemic of the jabbed exists, not the other way around.

Wellness depends on staying unjabbed. Going the other way virtually assures harm to health straightaway or later on.

Other study results ignored by MSM report similar findings to what the  European Journal of Epidemiology published.

Flu/covid jabs do nothing to protect health as falsely claimed. They destroy it instead.

Separately on Tuesday with mass-poisoning maximum numbers of people in mind, fraudster Fauci falsely claimed the following:

“I’ve made it clear that my opinion has always been that I believe that a third-shot booster (is) the proper, complete regimen (sic).”

His so-called “guidance” is all about wanting jabs administered to maximum numbers in the US and abroad to achieve mass-extermination of unwanted billions of people.

As part of state-sponsored/MSM supported fear-mongering mass deception, the Pharma-controlled CDC told US hospitals to label deaths of jabbed patients as unjabbed.

Over two-thirds of flu/covid outbreaks and deaths have been among the jabbed.

Claiming otherwise with convincing refuseniks to self-inflict harm in mind is criminal fraud.

It’s about accelerating mass casualties to include maximum numbers of deaths.

In the vast majority of deaths by toxic jabs, autopsies were virtually banned to conceal what’s going on.

Medical tyranny is the law of the land throughout the US/West.

Truth-telling on all things flu/covid is at risk of being criminalized.

Constitutional law attorney John Whitehead explained the following in late September:

Dominant US dark forces have “the means, the muscle and the motivation to detain individuals who resist its orders and do not comply with its mandates in a vast array of prisons, detention centers, and FEMA concentration camps” to silence dissent from the fabricated official narrative.

“Under the indefinite detention provision of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the president and the military can detain and imprison American citizens with no access to friends, family or the courts.”

Anyone designated “anti-government,” “extremist” “terrorist” or other vilifying labels is vulnerable to being arrested and disappeared.

During his reign of terror as FBI director from May 1924 to May 1972 — under 8 US presidents from Coolidge to Nixon — J. Edgar Hoover ordered agents to infiltrate, disrupt, sabotage, and remove from society activists for ethnic justice, racial emancipation, and real economic, social, and political equality across gender and color lines to eliminate political dissent.

During his tenure, alleged communists, anti-war, human and civil rights activists, the American Indian Movement and Black Panther Party members were prime targets.

In his book, titled  “Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People,” Jack Shaheen documented how US moviemakers demean Arabs for their faith.

From silent films to the present day, they’ve been falsely and stereotypically maligned as dangerous gun-toting terrorists in stark contrast to invented notions of Western values, high-mindedness, and moral superiority that doesn’t exist. 

Anyone not in lockstep with or dissenting from the fabricated official narrative is at risk of being vilified or targeted for elimination.

Whitehead explained that “believ(ing) in and exercis(ing) (constitutionally guaranteed rights risks being placed on Washington’s) terrorist watch list.”

It’s been this way for time immemorial. 

Post-9/11 — notably after flu was renamed covid with diabolical aims in mind — dissenters from the official narrative are perhaps at greater risk than ever to eliminate resistance against the most draconian plot against humanity ever conceived anywhere before.

There’s no place to hide. If dark forces go all out to eliminate opposition to an agenda only despots could love, what remains of a free and open society may be gone before what most people grasp what happened.

What was unimaginable not long ago may be close to becoming reality.

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