Israel’s Health Passport All About Social Control Coercion, not Science

In mid-September, the Jerusalem Post (JP) reported that the Bennett regime’s health minister Nitzan Horowitz “was caught on a hot mic” admitting that the so-called “green pass” system is all about coercion, not science.

They’re required to show proof of having been booster-jabbed on top of two earlier ones for access to most public places.

They include a digital code that public and private businesses, as well as venues, are supposed to scan to determine the holder’s eligibility for entry into their space — including for work and education.

As increasingly in the US/West, sacrificing health and well-being is required to access most public places in the Jewish state.

Forever-jabbing is virtually mandated. At this time applying to seniors, in the coming months it’ll likely be required for most — perhaps all — Israelis.

Green passes expire six months after issuance, another toxic jab required for renewal.

Police and other security forces are empowered to enforce what no one should tolerate.

JP reported that some Israeli doctors oppose booster-jabbing — to be followed by more of the same biannually, adding:

“(I)ncomprehensible rules were put in place for those who were likely to follow them.”

Horowitz is likely “wiping egg off his face” for unwittingly admitting what draconian green passes are all about.

Their aim is forcing Israelis to sacrifice health from forever-jabbing or be isolated from society as a pariah.

Yet many Israelis refuse to go along because of increasing evidence that jabs harm and don’t protect.

They’ve also been swayed by the death of anti-jab activist Hai Shoulian.

By video days before he passed away, he said the following:

“If anything happens to me, you’ll know it was an assassination attempt” to silence him.

History not only rhymes as Mark Twain noted, it repeats.

Once again, Horowitz unwittingly admitted that green passes for access to public places are all about pressuring Israelis to be jabbed, rejabbed, and booster-jabbed with forever-jabbing sure to follow.

Israel’s Channel 12 recorded what he told interior minister Ayelet (“little snakes,” what she earlier called Palestinian children) Shaked.

Neither figure knew that their remarks were recorded and broadcast by Channel 12, Horowitz saying:

“There is no medical or epidemiological justification for the (flu/covid) passport.”

“It is only intended to pressure the un(jabbed) to” get theirs — to self-inflict harm like their jabbed counterparts.

Shaked was recorded saying:

“(Y)ou can remove the green pass (requirement) for outdoor restaurants.” 

Horowitz admitted that this position is “epidemiologically correct,” for outdoor pools as well.

Yet he won’t soften the draconian mandate, claiming that if this step is taken, Israeli will say “if not pool, then why water parks,” why everywhere outdoors.

He also admitted that enforcement is lax and that the mandate is “overloading hospitals.”

Toxic jabs, not the green pass system, created a crisis of illness, hospitals unable to keep up with the need for treatment.

They haven’t enough staff and ones on duty are overloaded to exhaustion.

Weeks earlier, Herzog Hospital’s medical director Kobi Haviv MD told Channel 13 that “95% of severely ill patients” were jabbed, adding:

Up to “90% of the (facility’s) hospitalizations are (for) fully (jabbed) people.”

The hospital is “opening more and more (flu/covid) wards” to try keeping up with demand.

What’s true for Herzog Hospital applies to many other medical facilities in Israel.

Numbers of Israelis hospitalized for flu/covid are rising in proportion to increased mass-jabbing.

Weeks earlier, US Dr. Dirde 

Byrne stressed the following:

“Common sense preventive measures and (known safe and effective) therapeutic drugs can sharply reduce hospitalizations and deaths for patients with” flu/covid, adding:

“If we treat them early – early is the ticket – with ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, 80% of the people will not have to go to the hospital.” 

“We have therapy, and it’s proven therapy, and the powers-that-be, the government leaders here in the states, are ignoring this data.” 

The same logic applies to Israel and everywhere else.

On October 1, green passes for double-jabbed Israelis expired.

Going forward, maintaining their validity will likely require another jab every six months — the more gotten, the greater the harm to health

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