Russian Foreign Ministry on Afghanistan, Britain and Other Issues

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) expressed concern about (US/NATO-supported) ISIS jihadists in Afghanistan.

Armed, funded, trained, and directed by the Pentagon and CIA, they’re deployed as proxy troops in pursuit of US hegemonic aims, including in Afghanistan.

Days earlier, they were responsible for a Kabul blast that killed at least 20 civilians, injuring dozens more, many seriously.

MZ expressed concern about their hostile actions near Russia’s embassy in Kabul.

Moscow urged the Taliban “to take additional steps to ensure the security of the Russian diplomatic mission, as well as Russian citizens in Afghanistan.”

Clearly its leadership is doing all it can against a menace used by the US and NATO to wage forever war on the country and its people.

According to Afghanistan’s Aamaj News on Friday, a blast targeting a Shia mosque in northern Afghanistan killed around 100 worshipers, injuring dozens more.

A statement by Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid blamed )US-supported) ISIS-K terrorist for what happened.

More of the same is highly likely ahead, US dirty hands orchestrating it.

Separately, MZ called on Taliban and Tajik authorities to resolve their border conflict differences, adding:

“We continue (urging Taliban authorities) to promote inclusive government which will reflect the interests of all the ethnic and political groups in the country and will pursue a responsible and civilized policy towards external players and the civilian population in the country.”

Britain is an appendage of US wars by hot and other means against invented enemies, notably Russia.

MZ expressed concern about remarks by its war minister Ben Wallace, a card-carrying Russophobe like most others in London and Washington.

Notably “he talked about being ready to launch some kind of cyber attacks against hostile states, and named our country among them,” MZ explained, adding:

Under the phony pretext of countering threats from Russia that don’t exist, she advised the Boris Johnson regime to back off from engaging in cyberwar.

Instead of working with Russia cooperatively, “London prefers hostile, aggressive, reckless statements…and…groundless accusations” that don’t hold up under scrutiny, she stressed.

In cahoots with the Biden regime in the Hague at an OPCW executive council session, Britain and other US imperial partners repeated long ago debunked accusations about alleged poisoning of Navalny by Moscow that the world community knows were fabricated.

MZ stressed that fake news about “Navalny’s so-called poisoning by a ‘Russian chemical weapon’ is full of inconsistencies, contradictions, misinformation, and shady developments.”

Since phony accusations surfaced, they were a litany of “outright lies” by the US, UK and their imperial partners. 

“The media and political campaign that was unleashed…evolved and the events that followed provide a growing body of evidence that all this was a provocation, crudely planned and coarsely executed by the special services (of complicit) Western countries.” 

“What lay behind this story was a conspiracy to interfere in Russia’s domestic affairs, including ahead of the September 2021 parliamentary election.” 

Britain also falsely accused Moscow of poisoning father and daughter Skripal.

Not a shred of credible evidence was presented to support accusations about both incidents.

More of the same is highly likely ahead.

Time and again, US and UK dark forces invent reasons to bash Russia — fooling no one aware of their diabolical agenda.

MZ commented on NATO secretary general Stoltenberg.

A US-installed puppet to serve its hegemonic interests, he terminated accreditation of eight Russian officials who are part of its mission to the alliance for forever wars — on orders from Biden regime hardliners.

MZ slammed the move, saying the “arrogance…was not unexpected.”

In 2015 and 2018, Russia’s mission to NATO “was heavily cut.”

“Soon, there will be no one left in Brussels who can maintain a conversation at the proper level with NATO (and its) member countries,” she said. 

“Clearly, this is what (US-dominated) NATO is trying to accomplish.”

Stoltenberg follows orders from his US master.

Moscow will counter his unacceptable actions appropriately.

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