Long Covid Mass Deception

Fraudster Fauci — and/or likeminded con artists around him — invented the term as part of all things flu/covid mass deception.

Covid is renamed flu, a viral issue with two names, their symptoms virtually identical.

What varies is the degree of severity experienced by individuals who contract it.

For the elderly, others immuno-suppressed, and individuals in poor health from other illness or a poor lifestyle, symptoms can be more severe than for younger people who are largely in good health otherwise.

A search of the CDC website for a definition of long flu found nothing — in contrast to what it called long covid, long-haul covid, post-acute covid, long-term effects of covid, or chronic covid.

Elaborating further, the CDC said “(s)ome people (may) experience…symptoms that can last weeks or months.”

They “tend only to occur in people who have had severe illness.”

Most often they’re the aged or others with weakened immune systems.

What the CDC should have explained it suppressed.

Covid is renamed seasonal flu with diabolical aims in mind. If long flu doesn’t exist, neither does long covid.

Claiming otherwise is all about scaring people to be jabbed with hazardous shots designed to irreversibly harm health, not protect against contracting the illness.

Jabs increase flu/covid outbreaks two ways instead of curtailing them.

They increase the risk of so-called breakthrough infections among jabbed individuals, along with shedding and spreading viral droplets to others from close contact.

Fauci’s claim about breakthrough-infected people being “susceptible to long covid” is cover for harm caused them from toxic jabs.

The term long covid is unrelated to science.

Individuals contracting diseases can experience them in mild or more severe form, the latter most often the case for people in poor health from other conditions affecting them, including weakened immunity.

Children are least vulnerable to illness from flu/covid in severe form.

Yet on Sunday, pro-toxic mass-jabbing Haaretz dubiously claimed that Israeli hospitals are “contend(ing) with long covid in (significant numbers of) children.” 

Symptoms it named are virtually the same as ones experienced by most all flu/covid patients, the degree of severity alone varying among them.

In July, Israel approved flu/covid jabs for children aged 5 – 11 at risk of health complications.

Ones listed include brain, heart or lung problems, severe immunosuppression, sickle cell anaemia, pulmonary hypertension and obesity.

Jabbing toxins into the bodies of anyone with one or more of the above conditions is a formula for increasing harm to their health.

If greater numbers of severe illness in children occurred, flu/covid jabs are at fault, not a pre-condition.

The same thing is happening to all age groups in the country and throughout the West that are eligible to be jabbed.

The extent and severity of flu/covid in Israel — one of the world’s most heavily jabbed countries — is attributable to 80% or more of its people inoculated, most a second time and over-one-third booster-jabbed.

It virtually assureed large-scale outbreaks that are overwhelming the country’s health sector.

With a fourth jab in prospect ahead, to be followed by likely biannual shots, Israelis of all age groups will be vulnerable to contracting the viral illness, increasing numbers in severe form.

The same issue applies to the US and other countries as booster shots get underway — to be followed forever-jabbing.

The greater the number of jabs administered, the more outbreaks to follow, including in more severe form to affect all age groups, including children.

The obvious remedy to alleviate what’s going on is ignored.

As outbreaks — and frequency of severity — increase proportionately to numbers of jabs administered, reducing them and degree of severity depends on halting illness-producing shots.

Yet Israel and Western countries are going the other way with depopulation and social control tyranny in mind.

Like other Israeli MSM, Haaretz is part of the problem, promoting what’s crucial to halt.

Saying “(t)he assumption that children are protected has been part of the medical and public discourse concerning” mass-jabbing is unrelated to science.

Claiming that “long covid (is) physical(ly) damag(ing)” the health of children ignores the real cause of what’s harming them.

The same goes for all jabbed Israelis. The more taken, the greater the risk of harm to their health and shortened lifespans.

Abstaining from jabs, natural immunity from having contracted the viral illness and fully recovered, along with following a healthy lifestyle provide the best of all ways to protect what’s too precious to lose.

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