Never on Sunday

Never on any day of the week do MSM feature journalism as it should be — notably never on what’s crucial for everyone to know.

The above applies to so-called US Sunday talks shows.

They infest TV channels with fake news like crabgrass besets lawns.

Featuring managed news misinformation and disinformation exclusively on vital issues, truth-telling guests are banned from appearing.

Ones sticking to the fabricated official narrative alone appear on air  — why watching them is witting or unwitting self-inflicted punishment.

Virtually always during the run-up to and after toxic mass-jabbing began for seasonal flu now called covid, US anti-public health officials showed up to recite state-approved propaganda on the most crucial issue of all-time with depopulation and social control tyranny in mind.

Leading the mass deception parade, fraudster Fauci shows up time and again, including on October 10.

He lied about numbers of flu/covid outbreaks.

When officially reported, then cited by Pharma-supporting MSM, fraudster Fauci and other anti-public health officials, they’re artificially inflated as part of planned-in-advance fear-mongering mass-deception to mind-manipulate maximum numbers of people to self-inflict harm with toxic jabs designed for this purpose.

The same goes for numbers of people jabbed. They’re way inflated to convince refuseniks to get theirs.

Fauci shows up regularly on propaganda TV to “get more people” jabbed, including virtually all school-aged children aged-5 and older.

No data on “safety and immunogenicity” of jabs exists, just the opposite. 

Fauci wants “people who refuse to wear (respiratory-harming) masks banned from air travel.

He supports fully-jabbed passengers alone permitted to board flights if federally mandated — on the phony pretext of “protection” not gotten.

Saying virtually “everything (draconian) is on the table,”“discuss(ions)” will decide what further anti-public health measures will be adopted.

As for the holiday season ahead, Fauci wants the jabbed alone allowed to “get out there” freely. 

Saying “it’s a good time (for refuseniks) to reflect on why it’s important to get” jabbed is all about wanting their health destroyed, not protected.

Asked when mandated indoor mask-wearing will end, he equivocated to continue the draconian policy that’s all about social control and harming health, not protecting it.

Separately, former Pharma-linked FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb showed up on air Sunday to push toxic jabs for children age-5 and older.

Saying an FDA decision on authorizing them is likely before end of October, he dubiously claimed the following:

“(T)here’s a lot of parents like me that as soon as (jabs are) available for their children…(they’re) going to go out and get their kids (inoculated for) benefits” that don’t exist — irreversible harm alone.

Claiming mass-jabbing of young children is another “opportunity… to more fully vanquish (flu/covid) and protect a broader swath of the population” is polar opposite what wanting them and everyone else jabbed is all about.

Saying he’s “confident about (jabbing) my kids” belies reality.

He’s also for mass-poisoning of kids    aged “six months to four years” once approved — what’s likely in early 2022.

Claiming “public health (will) be served better” by mass-jabbing Americans in all age groups is code language for urging destruction of public health overall.

That’s what toxic jabbing, respiratory-harming masks that don’t protect, and socially destructive distancing from others is all about.

It’s proof positive that ruling authorities in the US/West and elsewhere that mandate or otherwise support these draconian policies are mortal enemies of virtually everything that just societies hold most dear.

The same goes for anti-public health officials, MSM co-conspirators, and others going along with what demands all-out opposition.

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