Resistance in the Ranks

Everyone rolling up their sleeve to be jabbed for protection against flu/covid — not gotten — is playing Russian roulette with their health and well-being that’s certain to turn out badly straightaway or later on.

Countless tens of millions of Americans refuse to go along with what risks destruction of their health in the near-or-longer-term.

Their ranks include “hundreds of thousands” of US military forces.

They remain unjabbed or not fully in compliance with the Pentagon’s health-destroying mandate — according to WaPo. See below.

In late August, the Pentagon mandated toxic flu/covid jabs for US military forces — each service branch with a different deadline to comply.

Ordered on the phony pretext of protection from flu/covid (sic), along with maintaining military readiness (sic), refuseniks face disciplinary action.

It includes court-martial and less than an honorable discharge for wanting their health protected.

According to on September 29, two US service members with natural immunity sued the Pentagon in federal district court to be exempt from its mass-jabbing mandate, their lawsuit stating:

“Service members that have natural immunity, developed from surviving the virus, should be granted a medical exception from compulsory (jabs) because the DoD instruction policy reflects the well-established understanding that prior infection provides the immune system’s best possible response to the virus.”

Representing them, Disabled Rights Advocates attorney Todd Callender stressed that their natural immunity made them “the healthiest people on the planet in their age group,” adding:

“What is the compelling reason (for) the military to say, ‘You must take this (jab), regardless of what the law says?’ ”

The suit requested a temporary restraining order to protect military service members with natural immunity from being involuntarily jabbed.

According to Army Regulation 40-562, troops who fully recovered from a viral infection are entitled to a medical exemption from jabs because of immunity from reinfection.

Separately last week, former Trump attorney Sidney Powell filed suit against war department secretary Lloyd Austin, HHS secretary Xavier Becerra and FDA commissioner Janet Woodcock on behalf of 16 US military service members, stating:

“(I)n support of their right to refuse (jabs), those who serve their country with honor are not the property of the US government, and the Constitution does not allow them to be treated as such.”

The lawsuit argues that the Pentagon’s mandate imposes “unconstitutional conditions by forcing plaintiffs to choose between violation of their constitutional rights or facing life-altering punishments.”

On Sunday, WaPo reported that “(h)undreds of thousands of US service members remain un(jabbed) or only partially (jabbed) against” flu/covid, including ones in National Guard and military reserves.

On September 30, WaPo reported that four air force officers and a secret service agent filed suit in federal district court to block unconstitutionally mandated jabs.

Their suit filed on September 23 seeks a restraining order to halt the extrajudicial order that adversely affects civilian and military personnel alike.

Citing the Biden regime’s “authoritarian grip” on the nation and its people, attorneys for the plaintiffs said the following:

“There is perhaps no greater usurpation of fundamental constitutional rights than forcibly injecting a foreign substance into an American citizen,” adding: 

“The rights of our nation’s most heinous convicted serial killers who have been sentenced to death receive more respect than this.”

According to WaPo, “within the secret service, anger about the (jabbing) requirement has been roiling agents and uniformed officers,” adding:

Tens of millions of US “adults remain un(jabbed).”

Protecting and preserving their health requires that they continue to shun jabs designed to irreversibly harm it.

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