Escape from Los Angeles

On September 30, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti issued a draconian order under emergency authority when no emergency exists — an invented one alone.

On October 6, city council members approved new draconian rules for entry into most businesses and other public places.

Effective November 4, entry into barber shops for men or hair salons for women requires willingness to sacrifice health from toxic jabs.

The same policy applies to restaurants, bars, nightclubs, theaters, retail stores — except food markets and pharmacies — most entertainment and indoor establishments and venues, sporting events, theme parks, concerts, outdoor mass-gatherings, as well as for students aged-12 or older, teachers and staff.

The alternative is providing negative PCR test proof within 72 hours of seeking entry.

Whether positive or negative, results are meaningless because of  how tests are administered.

Nearly all positive results are false, healthy individuals declared ill to artificially inflate numbers of outbreaks as part of planned-in-advance fear-mongering mass deception.

When effective next month, city rules will likely be the most draconian ones in place nationwide.

Much of the same is likely to follow in increasing numbers of US communities — policies unrelated to protecting public health as falsely hyped.

Defying reality, mayor Garcetti falsely claimed that mass-jabbing is the “only way out of (a) pandemic” that doesn’t exist — except among the jabbed as explained in a previous article.

He lied claiming that health-destroying jabs “make businesses safer for workers and customers (sic),” falsely adding:

Draconian rules adopted will “save more lives (sic), better protect the vulnerable (sic), and make our communities safer as we fight this (invented) pandemic (sic).”

City council president Nury Martinez said much the same thing in falsely claiming that new rules will “finally get (things) back on track to normalcy (sic),” adding:

City residents “deserve to see the other side of this (nonexistent) pandemic where we can return to walking around without masks, without restrictions, and without fear (sic).”

In LA, one of the nation’s strictest mask-wearing mandate is also in place, ignoring that wearing them provides no protection and risks serious respiratory harm from longterm use.

Unrelated to protecting health, city and county mandates are all about irreversibly harming it and governing repressively — in flagrant breach of international and constitutional law.

Businesses failing to enforce what no one should accept will be warned in response to a first violation, fined $1,000 for a second one, $2,000 for a third, and $5,000 for subsequent ones.

City residents exempted for health or religious reasons must show proof of a recent negative PCR test result for entry into most indoor spaces, as well as for mass-gatherings outdoors.

Effective early October, Los Angeles County began requiring residents and others entering its indoor places and mass-gatherings inside or outdoors to be jabbed at least once, twice by Nov. 4, or show proof of a recent negative PCR test result for access to where they wish to go. 

What should be mandated in Los Angeles and nationwide is ignored — ending all flu/covid policies since instituted last year, restoring normality, along with observing international and constitutional law to the letter.

That’s how free and open societies operate.

Going the other way like what’s happening throughout most of the US/West is what draconian rule is all about with mass-extermination and social control tyranny in mind.

A Final Comment

No one should be surprised to learn what noted truth-telling physician Pierre Kory MD tweeted last week, as follows:

“Between 100-200 US (congressional) members…their staffers & family members (who contracted flu/covid last year or this one) were treated (safely and effectively) with ivermectin.” 

“None (were) hospital(ized).”

The Front Line Covid Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) reported the same information, adding:

None of the above treated treated individuals reported it publicly to their constituents or anyone else.

The FLCCC and Kory explained that what they reported “came from a highly credible source inside Congress who has asked to remain anonymous.”

US political profiles in courage practically no longer exist.

It’s highly unlikely that any congressional member who successfully used ivermectin will go public to explain it.

Trump was quoted saying: “I got the Pfizer and I would have been very happy with any of them (sic).”

Once a serial liar, always one.

Take nothing at face value that he or most others in Washington say.

Time and again, it’s polar opposite reality.

The same goes throughout the West, including by most state and local officials.

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