Medical Tyranny at the University of California

Over 1,000 US colleges and universities instituted medical tyranny on campus for students, faculty and other staff.

What’s going on has nothing to do with protecting and preserving health.

It has everything to do with advancing US tyrannical rule in all walks of life that’s heading toward eliminating what remains of a free and open society.

In defiance of international and constitutional law, growing numbers of academic institutions are harming the health and fundamental rights of everyone on campus by mandating what’s crucial to shun for protecting what’s too precious to lose.

The most effective way to prevent flu/covid infection is having contracted and fully recovered from the viral illness earlier.

According to science, natural immunity antibodies provide superior protection to other alternatives. 

They virtually assure no risk of reinfection.

No other protections are needed in any form.

Because of potentially harmful side effects in virtually all prescription and over-the-counter drugs, they should only be taken when the risk of abstaining exceeds the possible downside of using them.

The above holds even if flu/covid jabs were safe and effective, what’s clearly the other way around.

Taking them as prescribed is hazardous to health. They’re high-risk with no reward, why shunning them is crucial.

On September 30, UC Irvine Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior/UCI’s Medical Ethics Program director Aaron Kheriaty MD was informed by letter of being involuntarily placed on so-called “Investigatory Leave” — for refusing to sacrifice his health as a condition of continued employment.

Explaining what happened at the end of the day, he said the following:

The move came in response to his federal lawsuit against UCI that challenged the unconstitutionality of mandating flu/covid jabs for individuals on campus with natural immunity — superior protection he understands well as a physician.

Forcing him and others who are safe from reinfection breaches their 14th Amendment right of due process and equal protection under law.

He’s also challenging “one-size-fits-all coercive policies that override informed consent and fail to take account of individualized risks and benefits,” adding:

“Principles central to public health… have been routinely ignored.”

The same goes for “medical ethics, like transparency and adequately informed consent…”

Science was “abandoned” throughout the US/West in favor of politicized draconian harshness with diabolical aims in mind.

On September 30, he was “given no opportunity to contact (his) patients, students, residents, or colleagues and let them know (he’d) disappear for a month.” 

“Rather than waiting for the court to make a ruling on (his) case,” UCI acted preemptively against him without just cause — a politicized retaliatory act.

So-called “Investigatory Leave” is cover for likely dismissal to follow.

Depriving him of seeing patients is harmful to their well-being.

On September 30, US District Judge James Selna upheld UCI’s draconian mass-jabbing mandate for individuals with natural immunity.

Defying science and the rule of law, he falsely claimed that the university acted to protect public health on campus.

According to Kheriaty, denial of injunctive relief by the court likely assures that UCI will dismiss him.

He won’t resign, nor withdraw his lawsuit for justice denied, or submit to unnecessary and potentially harmful medical intervention by agreeing to be jabbed.

He’s “convinced that” what he’s pursuing is the right thing to do, adding:

The issue goes way beyond him alone.

It’s for everyone with “no voices…whose constitutional rights are being steamrolled by (draconian) mandates” — unrelated to their stated purpose.

Challenging a university with high-level state and federal ties is high-risk with little potential reward, if any.

The stakes for everyone today are huge. 

They come down to protecting public health and what remains of fundamental freedoms or losing all of the above altogether.

For Kheriaty, it’s also about principles he espouses as a medical ethicist.

Upholding what he calls “morally right” is where the rubber meets the road on these core values.

Doing the right thing is its own reward. Doing it every day is the only way without compromise.

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