Once Caught Lying, Never to be Trusted

MSM columnists and reporters are ordered by higher authorities to mass deceive readers and viewers.

It’s longstanding practice on issues mattering most by suppressing scientific facts that conflict with the fabricated official narrative.

That’s notably what’s going on since garden variety seasonal flu was deceptively renamed covid last year — based on an alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus that doesn’t exist.

Virologists and other scientists never found it for that reason.

Enter the NYT and its dubious health columnist Apoorva Mandavilli.

Days earlier caught red-handed in a whopper of a Big Lie, the Times had to retract her fake news claim about “nearly 900,000 children…hospitalized with (flu/covid) since the (nonexistent) pandemic began, and about 520 have died (sic).”

One whopper wasn’t enough so another followed.

Falsely claiming that thousands of children developed so-called long flu/covid in which symptoms can persist for months ignored that nothing in science suggests the existence of the condition.

Fraudster Fauci invented the term as part of proliferating mass deception about all things flu/covid.

Like other diseases, individuals contracting flu/covid experience it in mild or more severe form.

The latter most often affects people in poor health or with weakened immune systems.

Children are least vulnerable to illness from flu/covid and most other diseaseas in severe form.

Health-related columns by Mandavilli exclude science, politicized rubbish featured instead, including her fake news about natural immunity.

Providing superior long-lasting protection to other options, she defied reality by falsely claiming that “(i)mmunization (from toxic jabs is) the best choice after recovering from the disease” — another whopper of a bald-faced Big Lie.

Ignored is that jabs aren’t designed to protect against infections.

Based on Pharma data, they’re supposed to mitigate symptoms if contract flu/covid.

What’s claimed and reality are worlds apart.

Jabs are high-risk with no rewards. Harming health, they provide no protection from contracting flu/covid.

Individuals who contracted it and fully recovered are best protected against reinfection.

Chances of this happening are slim, no matter how many variants are around. 

They’re all nearly identical to each other, as previously explained — including delta that’s more scariant than variant.

Consistently excluding science from her fake news health reports — especially on flu/covid — Mandavilli falsely claimed that individuals with natural immunity will get “longer-lasting protection against all (scariants)” from jabs that don’t protect she never explains.

She quoted fake news by a Pharma-connected immunologist, falsely claiming that if infected, recovered and then jabbed, “you’ve got superpowers.”

Nothing in science suggests it. The opposite is true from toxic jabs.

Designed to irreversibly harm health, truth-telling health professionals and columnists call them kill shots.

Claiming jabs, rejabs, and boosters are the only reliable way to maintain immunity from infection is part of all-out efforts by MSM-supported dark forces to get billions of unwanted people to self-inflict harm worldwide.

Since the alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus doesn’t exist and covid is garden variety seasonal flu by other name, natural immunity to a nonexistent viral illness is a nonissue.

Defying science once again, Mandavilli falsely claimed that two (toxic, experimental, gene-altering) mRNA jabs — she and others falsely call a “vaccine” — are better than one so more of the same is best all.

She then falsely reported that so-called “studies” (funded by Pharma no doubt) that claim “durability and strength of natural immunity are hobbled by (a) crucial flaw” is fake news.

Her no-flaw/flaw is claiming that natural immunity only applies to flu/covid survivors — ignoring that for people under age-70, survival is 99.9%.

For individuals older than age-70, it’s 95%.

Key information like the above that’s featured in science-based reports are excluded from hers and others from MSM.

Instead of truth and full disclosure, they stick exclusively to fake news mass deception based on state-approved talking points.

Toxic jabs that irreversibly harm health provide no protection or immunity as Mandavilli falsely claimed.

Sources she and likeminded fake news columnists quote and cite are Pharma-linked.

Noted truth-telling medical and scientific experts are consistently ignored or demeaned.

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