Pharma-Controlled FDA Panel Recommends Moderna Kill Shots

Last month, a so-called FDA advisory panel recommended use of Pfizer’s booster kill shots for Americans aged-65 and older, along with others aged-18 – 64 who are dubiously considered at high risk of contracting the viral illness.

The decision — now approved — had nothing to do with science, everything to do with diabolical political aims and profit-making.

On Thursday, history repeated unanimously, this time for Moderna’s toxic jabs designed to destroy health, not protect it as falsely claimed.

Advising use of its kill shots with approval virtually certain —  perhaps as soon as Oct. 15, J & J’s sure to follow — is all about targeting these segments of US society for culling.

Yesterday at the White House, Biden’s impersonator again called for mass-jabbing the unjabbed — with deadly toxins left unexplained.

Falsely saying it’s “essential (and) working” ignored countless millions of people irreversibly harmed in the US, West and elsewhere.

Likely hundreds of thousands already died from toxins in jabs designed to eliminate them.

Millions will perish in the US alone if what’s going on isn’t challenged and halted.

Claiming authorization for jabs is “based on science” turned truth on its head by the imposter in the White House.

So was saying that the regime will “provide protection to seniors and others” ignored what the diabolical plot against them is all about.

Kids aged-5 to 11 are next on the Biden regime’s target list, younger ones, including infants, sure to follow.

Saying he “know(s) parents out there are anxiously waiting” for approval to jab their kids belies growing public angst about what’s MSM press agents suppress.

What he called “head(ing) in the right direction” is all about wanting maximum numbers of unwanted people eliminated domestically and worldwide.

Once the Pharma-controlled CDC OK’s use of toxic Moderna and J & J jabs as expected, booster-jabbing will accelerate more than already.

So will greater numbers of adverse events and fatalities — state-sponsored cover-up to conceal what’s crucial to know.

According to Pharma-linked advisory panel member Stanley Perlman:

“From a pragmatic point of view (sic), because we’ve already approved…Pfizer (booster-jabbing), I don’t see how we can possibly not approve (the same) for Moderna” — with J & J’s sure to follow.

At this time, FDA advisory panel members recommended boosters for so-called high-risk segment of society.

OKing their use for all US segments of society is certain to follow, including forever-jabbing likely twice annually.

According to the FDA’s so-called top mass-jabbing regulator Peter Marks, the agency “heard pretty loud and clearly that there was not a lot of appetite for moving down the age range very significantly, if at all” at this time.

Left unexplained is that slow-going now will greatly speed up in the coming weeks and months to eliminate maximum numbers of unwanted people in the near-and-longer-term.

At Thursday’s FDA session, an invited Israeli health official Alroy-Preis said ongoing booster-jabbing changed the course of the “pandemic” that doesn’t exist — things going from bad to much worse as jabbing increases, left unexplained.

Jabbing assures illness, not wellness.

The more jabs administered to greater numbers of people, the greater the harm to society.

That’s what the diabolical plot aims for, along with wanting a new ruler/serf dark age established.

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