Chicago Mayor/Police Standoff Over Toxic Mass-Jabbing

On Friday, a statement by Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot’s press office said the following:

The city’s “law department filed a complaint for injunctive relief against the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge 7 and its president John Catanzara for engaging in, supporting, and encouraging a work stoppage or strike.”

The issue is over toxic mass-jabbing that thousands of Chicago police oppose, their stance supported by FOP president John Catanzara.

He urged police refuseniks to hold firm ahead of an October 15 deadline to declare their jabbing status online.

On Tuesday, he expressed support noncompliance with the unacceptable order, saying the following:

“Do not fill out the portal information. You are under no obligation to do that, other than the city’s demand,” adding:

“Once you do that, we can never get information back.”

“We have no assurances from the city that that is secure.” 

“What that information is going to entail as far as going forward, who it can be shared with, etc. nobody knows.”

“The simple fact that they keep putting out public statements, emails, and having bosses call you, means one thing.”

“Our members are holding the line.:

(O)fficers from all ranks are not going into that portal.” 

“They clearly must have a very very low cooperation level, which is good.”

“It’s information they shouldn’t be entitled to.”

Catanzara estimated that up to half the force may fail to report for duty or show up unjabbed over this issue because they oppose harm to their health as a condition of employment.

Citing the Illinois Public Labor Relations Act and state common law, Lightfoot claims that sworn officers are prohibited from striking.

Nothing prevents them from engaging in so-called blue flu activism by calling in sick in response to the city’s draconian mass-jabbing mandate.

In defiance of international and constitutional law that requires voluntary consent on all things health related, Lightfoot mandated that all city employees and volunteers must be jabbed by October 15.

Along with facing no-pay status, Lightfoot seeks judicial action to force them back on the job jabbed.

Defying reality, she falsely claimed that refusenik cops “are playing with your life, the life of your family, the life of your colleagues, and members of the public.”

According to indisputable science, it’s the other way around.

Shunning toxic jabs is crucial to protect and preserve health and well-being.

Going the other way assures irreversible harm.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that along with state law, Article 5 of the city’s law enforcement force’s contract prohibits strikes.

Cantanzara argued that what he supports is “not a strike…not a job action.”

He urged unjabbed city police to show up for work and be ordered back home for refusal to comply with Lightfoot’s jabbing order.

Alderman Anthony Napolitano called on Lightfoot to rescind her order or risk “chaos” otherwise, adding:

If thousands of police are forced off the job over refusal to be jabbed, “our streets are gonna be completely lost.”

“You’re gonna have cars not manned. There’s gonna be no officers in cars.”

Half the force may be off-duty. Lightfoot responded, saying:

No one will be sent home this weekend.

“(I)t’s gonna take us a little bit of time to make sure that we’ve go information correct.”

“And we want to make sure that we’re reaching out to people who appear not to be in compliance to determine if that’s, in fact, so.”

Asked how long it’ll take to sort things out, she said “(i)t’s not gonna be weeks, but” it won’t be by Sunday.

Unjabbed cops and other city employees can opt for twice weekly PCR testing that signifies nothing whether positive or negative.

FDA, CDC, NIH claims about safe and effective jabs were debunked by independent scientific analysis.

Mandating harm to health on the phony pretext of protecting public and personnel well-being is an affront to the rule of law and what fundamental freedoms are all about.

In response to Catanzara’ vow to sue the city over this issue, Lightfoot said “bring it on.”

With US courts at all levels largely supportive of destroying public health over protecting and preserving it, judicial help for right over wrong may be unattainable.

What courts may refuse to uphold in Chicago, perhaps blue flu can accomplish.

If city cops prevail over toxic mass-jabbing, other city workers may gain protection against what demands shunning in similar fashion.

A Final Comment

On Friday, Judge Cecilia Horan of the Illinois Circuit Court of Cook County flagrantly breached the constitutional right of free expression — without which all others are threatened.

She granted Chicago mayor Lightfoot’s request for an injunction to silence FOP president Catanzara on all things mass-jabbing.

Slamming the unconstitutional ruling, Catanzara called it an attempt to muzzle him, adding:

He’ll comply while urging city police to “do what’s best in their hearts and minds.”

His final YouTube comment said “John Catanzara for mayor 2023.”

“Enough is enough” before self-silencing on this most crucial of all issues.

Now past the city-ordered deadline for police to declare their jabbing status online, it remains to be seen how Lightfoot will respond to the refusal of about half the force to comply.

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