Unprecedented Harm from Toxic Jabs

Never before since immunizations began centuries ago was so much harm done to so many people from mass-jabbing as now — notably in a matter of months, the worst of what’s planned ahead.

Children’s Health Defense posted a letter by ICU physician Patricia Lee MD to the FDA and CDC about devastating adverse events, including deaths, from toxic flu/covid jabs designed with these aims in mind.

“(H)ealthy individuals suffer(ed) serious, often fatal, injuries” from jabs taken, she explained.

Never before since she began practicing medicine over 20 years ago did she “witness so many (jab)-related injuries (firsthand) until this year,” she stressed, adding:

“(I)t is my clinical judgment that…these injuries were caused by (flu/covid jabs), because there was no other plausible explanation for (what happened) other than the fact that the patients had recently been” inoculated.

She can “no longer (remain silent about) serious harm being caused by the(se)” jabs.

Addressing the issue with colleagues, they’ve seen much the same thing, she said.

Many “expressed dismay” while remaining silent publicly, including for fear of the “potential (adverse) backlash” to their careers.

Lee is a profile in courage at a time when many more like her are needed.

Opposed to draconian mass-jabbing mandates, she called for “return(ing) to the practice of obtaining informed consent, born out of a private discussion between a doctor and patient without third-party intervention.”

Hoping for remedial steps to be taken by the Pharma-controlled FDA and CDC is hoping for what clearly where both agencies have no intention of going.

Separately, attorneys Aaron Siri and Elizabeth Brehm representing her said the following to the above agencies:

Despite enormous mass-jabbing harm Dr. Lee witnessed firsthand, “you have failed to respond to (her) letter (of concern), nor has anyone reached out to her for additional information regarding these harms, the patients, or her concerns.”

“Dr. Lee’s experience does not comport with your agencies’ claims of safety regarding” flu/covid jabs — just the opposite.

“Your failure to respond is highly concerning.”

What’s going on in the US/West is a long-planned-in-advance criminal conspiracy against public health with intent to destroy it.

It’s also all about eliminating what remains of free and open societies worldwide with diabolical Great Reset tyrannical control in mind.

Pfizer, Moderna, J & J, and AstraZeneca jabs are bioweapons designed to destroy health, not protect it.

Countless millions have already been harmed in countries where they’re administered.

Hundreds of thousands likely perished, the toll concealed. 

Millions more will follow in the near-or-longer-term if what’s ongoing isn’t challenged and halted by whatever it takes to accomplish this most crucial of all aims.

State-sponsored, MSM proliferated Big Lies and mass deception fuel what’s gone on since last year.

More people are none the wiser for relying on establishment sources that keep them in the dark, dumbed-down, and uninformed about what’s crucial to know.

Countless examples abound, including by ABC News mass deception on Wednesday.

It falsely claimed that flu/covid was the “No. 1 cause of death for 35-to 54-year-old” Americans in September — a bald-faced Big Lie.

The vast majority of deaths it reported were from toxic jabs, not flu renamed covid.

It lied saying that “(m)ore than 716,000 Americans died from” flu/covid.

The true total is at most around 10% of this figure — based on pre-2020 CDC data on annual seasonal flu/influenza fatalities.

It lied on claimed numbers of Mass-jabbed Americans.

The officially reported number is artificially inflated to push greater numbers of refuseniks to sacrifice their health by falling in line.

Virtually everything reported about flu/covid is fake news, reality concealed since last year — notably the true number of casualties from jabs, totaling in the millions.

On Wednesday, the Biden regime reportedly pushed governors to prepare for mass-jabbing kids aged 5 – 11 in early November.

The White House and congressional Dem leadership wants them irreversibly harmed like their older counterparts.

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