Flu/Covid Fallout

Below is what eminent UK-based physician — author of over 100 books on health and related issues — Vernon Coleman MD calls “scary stuff” important for everyone to know since toxic flu/covid mass-jabbing began.

Official UK data show teenage deaths in the country rose 47%.

US data from April to October last year revealed “a 24% increase in mental health emergencies among children aged 5 to 11.”

In Britain, excess deaths are raging — largely from toxic jabs, not flu/covid.

The same is virtually sure to be true most everywhere in nations harmed by health-destroying jabs — notably from mass-jabbing madness in the US.

Some physicians refuse to give vitamin B12 injections because of flu now called covid.

Coleman called their refusal outrageous, saying they should be charged with murder. 

Nurses are involved in functions once exclusively performed by doctors.

Will they be allowed to perform surgical procedures ahead rather than just assisting highly trained doctors?

When I was a boy and adolescent, doctors made house calls outside of office hours, including overnight.

No longer, the same true in Britain.

Coleman explained that the British Medical Association reportedly “voted to scrap home visits,” adding:

“Why don’t they just all vote to stop seeing patients completely?” 

“(D)octors proposing an end to home visits claim that seeing patients in their homes takes up too much of their valuable time.” 

“They seem unconcerned about the fact that some patients may be too ill or too frail to make the journey to their consulting room.”

“Just as importantly, they don’t seem to realize that seeing patients in their homes can teach a doctor a great deal about (them) and their circumstances. I truly despair about modern medicine.”

Aged-75, now retired, Coleman practiced medicine in Britain from 1970 – 2016.

Growing up long ago, my favorite uncle was our family doctor.

A blessed man, he was everything a family physician should be who indeed made house calls outside of office hours, including overnight and on weekends as needed.

Separately in the aftermath of flu’s renaming, countless tens of thousands of US/Western healthcare professionals lost jobs, were suspended, or resigned for refusing to sacrifice their health and well-being as a condition for continued employment — or for going public on harm from toxic jabs.

Ontario-based emergency room physician Rochagne Kilian is among their ranks for refusing to be silent about what’s going on.

Explaining that around 80% of patients she treated were double-jabbed, she asked:

“How many (more) people are we going to kill if” what’s going on continues unchecked, adding:

“I’m pushing back because hospitals have an absolute commitment to follow the data.” 

“Ignoring natural immunity in a (jabbing) discussion is just criminal.” 

“A lot of people who are opposed to the mandates, or who aren’t interested in a (jab), are in my situation where we got sick taking care of patients.” 

“We have natural immunity which has been shown to be broad and enduring.”

“Actually, that has put us at a higher risk” if jabbed. 

“I took care of a patient who had an infection.” 

“He waited the 90 days which is recommended to get the (jab), and he showed up in my ICU 24 hours later with cardiac arrest.” 

“So I have personally seen the implications of having a vaccine after a natural infection and I’m just not interested in that.”

New York-based CAT-scan technician John Matland saw many flu/covid patients.

He sharply criticized what he called “darkness and silence” about information known about harm to individuals jabbed, including by some doctors who’ve seen it in patients.

Because of speaking out about his concerns, Matland was sacked.

Many other health professionals have been mistreated the same way at a time of unprecedented health-related deceit throughout the West.

Matland explained that he “personally know(s) people that have had negative, life-altering reactions to (jabs) and (his) heart breaks for them.”

Words aren’t strong enough to expose and denounce what’s going on throughout the West, in Israel and elsewhere.

State-sponsored for unparalleled depopulation and eliminating remaining freedoms — MSM, hospitals, and others supporting it ar

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