Russian Foreign Ministry on Afghanistan, Ukraine and US

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) expressed concern about recent ISIS attacks that suggest more of the same ahead.

She left unexplained that the jihadist group was created by the US for use as proxy foot soldiers to advance its interests where they’re deployed.

Last week, Afghanistan’s Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi headed a Taliban delegation for talks with State Department officials in Qatar.

When pursued, it’s virtually always an exercise of futility. 

US talks with representatives of nations free from its control reject normalized relations as long as they’re unwilling to subordinate their sovereign rights to a higher power in Washington.

Continuing ISIS attacks in Afghanistan have Biden regime fingerprints all over them.

Ignoring reality, interventionist Blinken’s spokesman Price said the following last week:

“When it comes to ISIS-K, we have made very clear that one of the core requirements for us and for the international community is for the Taliban to live up to the commitment it has made to counterterrorism (sic).”

Demanding that Taliban authorities counter the threat that their fighters represent ignored US dirty hands all over their attacks in nations where the Pentagon and CIA deploy them.

The threat they represent was made in and fostered by the USA to serve its hegemonic aims.

Price saying “(w)e are determined to see to it that no (jihadist) group can ever again use Afghan soil as a launching pad for attacks on the US or” its imperial partners ignored that they only occur against their invented enemies — like the Taliban and Afghan people.

Hundreds of Americans wanting to leave Afghanistan were abandoned by Biden regime hardliners.

Price falsely claimed that they’re committed to bringing them home.

Over two months since US combat troops were withdrawn, little has been done to help them — virtually nothing for thousands of Afghans involved in working with the Americans who sought promised hep to leave the country.

Claiming the Biden regime has a “special commitment” to help isn’t borne out by facts on the ground.

Last week by videoconference, a G20 summit was held on Afghanistan.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov and Special Presidential Representative on Afghanistan/Director of the Foreign Ministry’s Second Asia Department Zamir Kabulov headed its delegation.

As expected, participants stressed the need to provide humanitarian aid to long-suffering Afghans.

Discussion also focused on restoring peace and stability to the war-torn country.

Near-20 years of illegal US occupation created dire conditions and widespread misery that will likely take decades to turn around under the best of conditions that don’t now exist and won’t likely ahead because this course does not serve US interests.

Both right wings of its war party bear full responsibity for the rape and destruction of the country.

They’ll likely do least in helping millions of Afghans in dire need, what they never did before.

Instead of turning a page for easing hellish conditions it caused, Biden regime hardliners, the Pentagon and CIA want US control restored to a part of the world where they don’t belong.

Things in US-colonized Ukraine are always unsettling, MZ explaining:

“The gap between the Kiev government’s words, declarations, statements and actions continues to widen.”

The US-controlled regime promised conflict resolution with Donbass is belied by no end to forever war at Washington’s direction. 

Minsk I and II agreements were dead-on-arrival as ordered by Obama/Biden regime hardliners. 

Biden/Harris militants continue to orchestrate and foster war along Russia’s borders. 

In the past two weeks, the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission for Ukraine “recorded 2,800 attacks on the line of contact,” said MZ, adding: 

“Since July 2020, when Ukraine signed additional Measures to Enforce the Ceasefire, the number of violations has exceeded 60,000.”

Headed by pro-Western hawkish generals, Ukrainian forces continue endless aggression against the breakaway province — with US/NATO supplied weapons and direction.

All-out Russian conflict resolution efforts have gone nowhere because dominant US hardliners reject peace in Ukraine along its borders.

They want central Europe to remain a hotbed of conflict and instability with no end of it in prospect.

US-installed puppet Ukrainian president serves US imperial interests, those of Nazi extremists in the country and his own.

Most regional nations are allied with the US and Ukraine, supporting their aggression that could fuel greater war ahead without resolution.

EU intent to deploy a military mission to Ukraine is all about supporting endless war and central European instability over going the other way.

MZ slammed what’s planned, saying it “contradicts the Minsk agreements, will contribute to Ukraine’s militarization as well as the escalation of the Donbass conflict.” 

“It will also encourage the Kiev authorities to further sabotage the Minsk agreements.”

“(I)n this regard, we call for abandoning this, to put it mildly, a rash step.”

Chances for Kiev turning a page for peace and stability are virtually nil — because its US master prohibits it over forever war along Russia’s borders.

On October 12, Biden regime  under secretary of state for political affairs Victoria Nuland met with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov in Moscow.

A militant Russophobe, why Russia allowed her in the country is for Kremlin straight talk to explain.

A hardcore neocon who’s hostile to nations free from US control, she was Obama/Biden regime’s point person for replacing Ukrainian democracy with Nazi-infested fascist rule.

While coup-plotting was underway, she was caught red-handed on tape urging regime change. 

Her conversation with then-US envoy to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt was recorded, including her saying “ the EU.”

Separately at the time, she lied claiming it’s “up to the Ukrainian people themselves to decide their future (sic).” 

“(It’s) up to them to determine their path forward, and that’s a consistent message that we’re conveying publicly and privately (sic).”

She was directly involved in plotting weeks of street violence with toppling Ukraine’s elected government in mind.

Why would Russia engage in diplomatic talks with a figure hellbent for transforming the country into a subservient vassal state by whatever it takes to achieve this aim.

Despite positive remarks by Nuland following her visit, talks achieved nothing, Ryabkov saying:

“One of the problems we see now is an endless series of American demands.” 

“I would call them ultimatums, for us to adjust our diplomatic presence in the US (and on all bilateral issues) according to their wishes.”

“(T)his is a road to nowhere,” Ryabkov stressed.

At the same time, he expressed optimism about making progress on “bilateral irritants,” adding:

“We will see further down the road how serious the US is” — knowing the chance for improved relations is virtually nil as long as Russia is free from its control.

Commenting on Nuland’s visit, MZ noted that she’s on Russia’s “stop list” in response to blacklisting of Russian officials by Washington.

Yet her visit to Moscow was permitted, what should have been denied to a Russophobe designated persona non grata neocon hardliner.

Whatever issues Russia and the US may cooperate on at times is way overwhelmed by Washington’s rage for regime change.

It’s shown time and again by its hostile agenda toward sovereign independent nations unwilling to bow to the hegemonic aims of a higher power.

While both sides agreed to maintain contacts, chances for improved bilateral relations are ruled out because dominant US hardliners reject the notion.

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