Israel Planning Preemptive War on Iran?

Apartheid Israel wages forever war on its Arab citizens, Occupied Palestinians and nonthreatening nations by hot and/or other means.

It’s operated this way since creating an illegitimate state on historic Palestinian land.

The only threats its ruling regimes face are invented, not real.

Claims otherwise are fabricated to justify its aggressive agenda, its flagrant breaches of international law.

Iran is Israel’s main regional rival, not for any threats posed by its ruling authorities.

There are none — except in self-defense if attacked, the UN Charter right of all nations.

Israeli aims stem from its odious 1982 Oded Yinon document, titled “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties.”

Updated several times, it’s all about  seeking to dominate the Middle East by balkanizing regional nations   into smaller/weaker ones along ethnic and sectarian lines — transforming them into subservient Israeli client states.

Its objective is much like hegemon USA’s aim to dominate the world community of nations as vassal states, along with controlling their resources and populations by whatever it takes — forever wars by hot and/or other means its favored strategies.

Last July, Israel’s war minister Benny Gantz reportedly requested billions of additional shekels to prepare for war on nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Iran.

The request was unjustifiably justified by the threat of an Iranian “bomb” that doesn’t exist.

No evidence exists now or earlier of an Iranian intention to develop nukes, a WMD it abhors and wants eliminated everywhere before it eliminates us.

In August, Biden’s impersonator told Bennett that if US diplomacy — designed to fail — with Iran proves unsuccessful, the regime will pursue “unspecified” options, adding:

The US is “commit(ted) to ensure that Iran never develops” nukes — it’s not seeking — so that Israel will remain the region’s only nuclear armed and dangerous state.

It’s unclear if the Pentagon deployed nukes to the Middle East and/or central Asia in countries it occupies and/or controls.

Along with its imperial partners — that include apartheid Israel — hegemon USA represents an unparalleled threat to everyone everywhere — especially with undemocratic Dems in power.

According to Israel’s Channel 12 on Monday:

The Bennett regime “approved a budget of some 5 billion shekels ($1.5 billion) to be used to prepare the military for a potential strike against Iran’s (peaceful) nuclear program.”

Included are funds for warplanes, intelligence-gathering drones, and special weapons designed with aggression in mind to strike underground sites.

The Times of Israel reported that the above followed the Pentagon’s “successful test of its new bunker buster, the GBU-72 Advanced 5K Penetrator.” 

“The 5,000-pound bomb could be used as a tool to strike Iranian nuclear sites” with no military component, none the other way around.

The GBU-72 is designed to be carried by a fighter jet or heavy bomber. Israel does not have the latter in its arsenal. 

Weeks earlier, IDF chief general Aviv Kohavi said the Jewish state “greatly accelerated” preparation for possible strikes on Iran, adding:

“A significant chunk of the boost to the (war) budget…was intended for this purpose.”

During his address to the UN General Assembly last month, Bennett once again invented a nonexistent Iranian threat by falsely claiming that its (legitimate, non-military) nuclear program “hit a watershed moment (sic).”

Separately, interventionist Blinken told told his Israeli counterpart Yair Lapid that “every (Biden regime) option” is on the table.

On Tuesday, Israeli war minister Gantz falsely said the following to Knesset Foreign Affairs and (War) Committee members:

“Israel is challenged militarily on many fronts (sic), and therefore there is great importance to approving a (war) budget, following years without a fixed (one), which has — to a certain extent — damaged our ability to act…to have efficient communication, and to build up our forces in a more effective way,” adding:

“We see that Iran is advancing toward the level of enrichment that would allow it to become a (nuclear) threshold state (sic).”

“(W)e are making every effort to prevent that.”

“We will invest in our offensive and defensive capabilities, improve our technological superiority, and accelerate our efforts in order to ensure that — despite the fact that Iran is foremost a global and regional challenge (sic) — Israel will always have the ability to defend its citizens with its own force (sic).”

It bears repeating.

Iran threatens no one — not Israel or any other nations.

Its forces haven’t attacked another country preemptively in centuries.

Like its predecessors, its current ruling authorities prioritize peace, stability, cooperative relations with other states and compliance with rule of law principles.

Iran is heavily armed with conventional weapons for self-defense exclusively.

Reportedly, its Khordad air defense system is capable of intercepting and destroying hostile aircraft, drones, ballistic and cruise missiles.

Its sophisticated radar reportedly can detect hostile targets up to a distance and altitude of 500 km and 90,000 feet respectively.

Its military is capable of effective self-defense against US or Israeli aggression.

War on Iran by their regimes would be madness.

The mother of all regional wars would likely follow.

Iranian counterattacks in justifiable self-defense would likely cause vast destruction and mass casualties against Israeli and US regional targets.

Hardline US and Israeli extremists should rethink what they wish for.

Well-prepared Iran isn’t Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq or Libya.

If preemptively attacked, it’s able to hit back hard against aggressors.

Given the above reality, will the US and/or Israel preemptively attack Iran ahead?

While possible at any time, it’s highly unlikely.

At the same time, US/Israeli war on Iran by other means is virtually sure to continue and perhaps accelerate ahead.

That’s how the scourge of imperialism operates against invented enemies.

The US, NATO and Israel have no real ones.

So they unjustifiably invent what doesn’t exist — the world community largely turning a blind eye to what no nations should tolerate.

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