Draconian German Rule 2G

Under 2G rule in Germany, businesses may prohibit individuals unjabbed for flu/covid protection not gotten from access to their facilities.

Germany’s so-called 3G rule bans access to designated public places for the unjabbed nationwide.

A number of German states and major cities like Berlin and Hamburg adopted the former rule.

Hesse (that includes Frankfurt) became the first federal state to let food markets prohibit unjabbed individuals from entering their establishments.

According to Hessian official Volker Boffier, “(w)e expect this option to be used only on some days, and companies that meet everyday needs will not use it.”

A draconian precedent was set. What’s permitted will likely be implemented incrementally or perhaps more swiftly in response to real or invented events to move things into a more draconian direction than already.

Individuals against toxic flu/covid jabs want their health protected.

Will they be denied access to essentials of life — including food and medical treatment — unless willing to sacrifice what’s too precious to lose?

Will they be left untreated when ill and starved into submission?

Will they be denied access to virtually all public places and spaces?

Will they have to choose between destruction of their health and a shortened lifespan or be starved and otherwise forced into submission to what no one should tolerate?

Will what’s permitted in Hesse become commonplace in Germany nationwide?

Will other nations adopt similar policies, notably by US dark forces?

Will they make unsafe and unfit to live in USA more hellish than already?

The draconian step taken by Hessian authorities will likely spread elsewhere.

At this time, 8 of Germany’s 16 federal states adopted rule 2G, Hesse the only one applying it to food markets.

Even individuals ill from plague, ebola, mad cow disease, rabies, and other highly infectious diseases aren’t denied medical treatment, food and other essentials to sustain life as well as possible.

To hasten mass-extermination throughout the US/West, will what’s being test-implemented in Hesse be adopted throughout Germany, other EU nations, the UK, US and elsewhere?

Is that’s what is coming in the new year — perhaps on the phony pretext of inventing flu/covid outbreaks in the cold weather months ahead?

That’s what draconian health passports are all about.

Throughout most of the US, including Chicago and building where I live, harmful to health masks and social distancing are required indoors.

To my chagrin, I discovered that some draconian elements in my building are snitching on others if spotted not in full compliance  — fines imposed on them.

A once largely free and open USA disappeared last year.

Draconian harshness replaced it — enforced by police state rules.

In what remains of my lifespan, things will likely never return to their former state.

Most likely they’ll worsen ahead.

The only solution is popular revolution — mass rebellion. 

Nothing else can work.

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