Forever US War on Russia by Other Means

A virtual state of US forever war exists against nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia by other means.

It has nothing to do with threats against US national security. None exist — nor have any since WW II ended.

On all things Russia and other sovereign independent countries, hostility toward them by both right wings of the US war party is all about their unwillingness to subordinate their fundamental rights to a higher power in Washington.

That makes them invented enemies that impede the diabolical aim of US dark forces to control the world community of nations, their resources and populations unchallenged.

China, Russia and Iran top the US list of invented enemies — nations that prioritize peace and threaten no others except in self-defense if attacked, the UN Charter right of all nations.

Time and again, US dark forces invented reasons to bash or otherwise demean nations not bending to their will — at times waging preemptive war on them.

On Thursday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova responded to phony US-dominated NATO allegations of malign activities by members of Moscow’s diplomatic mission to the alliance for perpetual wars on nonbelligerent nations, saying:

As demanded by Washington, “NATO has systematically ruined relations with Russia to opt for the Cold War logic,” adding:

US-installed secretary general Stoltenberg’s “role…in this destructive process is significant.”

No evidence of Russian malign activities exists in Brussels or anywhere else — how hegemon USA and its imperial partners operate, not Moscow.

Expulsion of eight members of its diplomatic mission to NATO by Stoltenberg — because of alleged intelligence information that doesn’t exist — followed Biden regime orders to take this unacceptable step.

Like always before, he saluted and obeyed.

In response, Zakharova said Moscow reduced its diplomatic mission to NATO from 20 members to 10 — two more than were unacceptably expelled for phony reasons.

In March, Sergey Lavrov said Russia was suspending its mission to the warmaking alliance altogether.

A similar action was taken against its military liaison mission and information office in Moscow.

Following his address to the 18th annual Valdai International Discussion Club days earlier, Lavrov answered media questions as follows:

Asked if it’s up to NATO to improve relations with Moscow, Lavrov said “this is our approach,” adding:

US-dominated NATO “aggravat(ed) relations,” not Russia.

“Everyone knows” how US/NATO relations deteriorated following then-Georgian leader Saakashvili’s preemptive war on South Ossetia, including against Russian peacekeepers, as ordered by Bush/Cheney.

Moscow responded to protect its forces as permitted by the UN Charter.

Other hostile US-dominated NATO actions followed, further attempts to sabotage normal relations altogether.

Notably since US election 2020 was stolen by undemocratic Dems — both the White House and Senate control — a virtual state of Cold War has existed between the US and Russia as pursued by Biden regime hardliners.

Instead of efforts to improve relations, their actions worsen them.

NATO is a virtual appendage of the Pentagon. Hostility toward Russia greatly escalated following the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Ukraine.

Replacing democratic governance to Nazi-infested fascist rule along Russia’s border — with hostile intentions in mind — created an untenable situation.

Lavrov stressed US responsibility for the Ukraine coup and what followed, EU nations going along with the flagrant UN Charter breach.

From then to now, Russia and other nations have been falsely blamed for hegemon USA’s hostile actions against them.

It included illegal US/EU sanctions on Moscow.

Using diplomatic language, Lavrov said “(t)his is not logic.”

It’s a flagrant breach of international law.

“The same applies to statements made in NATO capitals as regards our forced response to three steps by NATO,” said Lavrov, adding: 

“Our mission was reduced three times. The main point is that the mission is simply not allowed to do its work.” 

“To get into NATO headquarters, our representatives, as distinct from all other NATO partners, have to apply in advance for a permit to enter the building and use only designated corridors.” 

“There have been no information exchanges with NATO headquarters in a long time.”

“The main thing is that all contact between the military personnel was cut off, and this was officially announced.”

All of the above and countless other  hostile US/NATO/EU actions virtually wrecked relations with Russia.

Dominant US hardliners orchestrated things to assure a virtual permanent state of Cold War on the nation and its people.

While it’s highly unlikely to turn hot, what’s unthinkable is possible by accident or design because of the scourge of how US imperialism operates.

Dominant bipartisan US hardliners oppose virtually all outreach by Moscow for improved bilateral relations.

Lavrov explained that a “wall of silence” followed Russia’s outreach.

In cahoots with his US counterpart, German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass defied reality by falsely claiming that actions by Moscow show it’s not ready for talks to improve relations — a bald-faced Big Lie.

Lavrov and other Russian officials “are fully ready for talks with NATO” nations and others, he stressed.

In response, US-dominated NATO “ignor(ed)” Moscow for years, he added.

They “understand that (their actions) are self-defeating.”

Yet “(t)hey want to put the blame at the wrong door and they lack diplomatic culture.”

As for US-installed puppet Zelensky in Ukraine, his office falsely said that Vladimir Putin “seemed to be ready (for talks) but his entourage did not advise him to meet one-to-one because such a meeting might produce a surprise (sic).”

“I will not even comment on this stream of consciousness,” said Lavrov.

“It is impossible to react to all public statements made in Ukraine as regards possible meetings at various levels or developments in Donbass and around Ukraine.” 

Positive Russian relations with Ukraine are impossible as long as its higher power in Washington rejects them — along with a state of forever aggression by Kiev on Donbass as ordered and orchestrated by the Pentagon and CIA.

On extending recognition to the Taliban, Russia has not taken this action so far, Lavrov explained.

It does maintain contact with its officials, urging them to fulfill promises made.

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