Pharma-Controlled CDC Expands Use of Toxic Booster Jabs

As expected, the Pharma-controlled CDC on Thursday approved toxic Moderna and J & J boosters for more greatly harming health than from double-jabbing alone.

Last month, the agency OK’d them for Pfizer’s health-destroying entry into the mass-jabbing sweepstakes.

The following US sectors of society are adversely affected, according to the CDC on its website.

Individuals aged-65 and older.

Those aged-18 or older in longterm care facilities.

Ones aged-18 or older with underlying medical conditions.

Others aged-18 and older who work or live in dubiously-called “high-risk settings.”

Ignored is that there’s nothing “high-risk” about schools at all levels or most other places where large numbers of people come in close contact with each other.

When fans fill stadiums for sporting events, no mass outbreaks of flu/covid follow.

The same goes for conventions, trade shows, concerts, theater performances, festivals, as well as other large business or social gatherings.

The above CDC-listed categories include the vast majority of Americans.

Most all others are under age-18.

Make no mistake. It’s virtually certain that jabs, rejabs and boosters will be approved for most everyone in the US/West, even for infants.

America’s elderly and others with weakened immune systems are most at risk from toxic jabs that are designed to eliminate them.

Everything urged by the CDC, FDA, NIH and HHS is all about harming health, including toxic jabs crucial to shun, masks that don’t protect and unnecessary social distancing.

OK’ing toxins from Brand A and Brand B by the CDC — so-called mixing and matching — is all about causing greater harm than from one brand alone.

None protect health. No boosters provide “additional protection,” just more harm than from two jabs alone.

Defying peer-reviewed science, the CDC falsely claimed that Pfizer, Moderna and J & J jabs are “highly effective in reducing risk of severe disease, hospitalization, and death, even against the” more scariant than variant delta (sic).

Fraudster agency head Walensky turned truth on its head as follows, saying:

CDC “recommendations are another example of our fundamental commitment to protect as many people as possible from” seasonal flu-renamed covid (sic), adding:

“The evidence (sic) shows that all three (flu/covid jabs) authorized in the US are safe (sic).”

“(T)hey are all highly effective in reducing the risk of severe disease, hospitalization, and death, even in the midst of the widely circulating delta” scariant (sic).

Like fraudster Fauci and other US anti-public health officials, Walensky is a serial liar, a menace to everyone following her toxic advice.

Her mission is aiding and abetting Pharma profiteering at the expense of health and well-being.

On all things flu/covid, her mission expanded by prioritizing mass-extermination of millions and billions of unwanted people.

Reporting on the CDC’s Thursday announcement, the pro-toxic mass-jabbing NYT called it “a sweeping victory for the Biden” regime.

Ignored by the agency and self-styled newspaper of record is that the more jabs gotten, the greater the harm to health, the sooner countless numbers of people will be eliminated by deadly toxins designed for this purpose.

Everyone involved in what’s going on is complicit with planned genocide on an unparalleled scale — including MSM press agents for the diabolical scheme like the NYT.

Preserving and protecting health requires shunning their toxic advice.

Following it assures greater harm than already for individuals who’ve been double-jabbed.

Everyone avoiding what’s crucial to reject is infinitely safer than others who were mind-manipulated to self-inflict harm.

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