Orchestrated Breakdown of Supply Chains

There’s nothing happenstance about shortages of food, other essentials, escalating prices and a breakdown of supply chains — what’s affecting US households nationwide.

What’s going on and likely to worsen ahead was carefully planned by US dark forces as part of their diabolical mass-extermination/freedom-destroying plan that targets most Americans and others abroad.

Days earlier, risk foresight and governance expert Mathew Maavak explained the following:

“A global supply chain crisis” looms, worse than what already exists.

“(E)xtreme socio-economic turbulence” will likely be longterm.

Essential goods are increasingly hard to find. When available they cost more.

A vicious circle exists. A combination improperly functioning US ports, lack of enough truckers and other workers, soaring energy costs and shortages, along with destructive flu/covid policies.

All of the above created untenable conditions for ordinary people in the US, West and elsewhere.

Toxic mass-jabbing mandates by transportation and other firms created a labor shortage because of large numbers of refuseniks.

The same goes for healthcare. Many professionals and other staff refuse to sacrifice their health for employment.

Suspending or sacking them may greatly impede providing healthcare services for millions of Americans in need.

The same goes for sacking refusenik federal, state and city workers, including police and firefighters.

In stark contrast, privileged Americans and their Western counterparts are “thriving” from misery imposed on others.

Is what’s best for them and worst for most others coming ahead with no relief in prospect?

Record large numbers of container ships are backed up offshore US ports, unable to unload their cargo — by design.

According to the economiccollapseblog.com:

“The nation’s largest ports shattered more records Monday as massive bottlenecks at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach continue to wreak supply chain havoc.”

“The Marine Exchange of Southern California reported 100 vessels berthed October 18, topping the previous record of 97 set September 19.”

A backlogging crisis is likely to worsen ahead and remain protracted, perhaps for years — again by design.

As cold weather months approach in most of the US/West, will chaos become catastrophic for countless millions of ordinary people?

US food shoppers are increasingly seeing depleted or empty shelves of items they need to buy.

Will the Biden regime be the grinch that steals Christmas, the holiday season overall, and what follows in the new year?

What’s going on and worsening is all about its diabolical mass-extermination plot that likely includes starvation and denial of essential medical treatment.

A worker shortage is largely because millions of refuseniks refuse to be toxic-jabbed as a condition of employment.

As bad as things are now, they may greatly worsen more than already in the new year and remain unacceptable for years.

Maavak explained that “(t)long-festering supply-demand disequilibrium entered a point of no return” early last year.

For majority low-income US households, escalating food prices alone represents an untenable situation.

From September 2020 to last month, they rose on average by nearly one-third.

If shortages of transportation staff persist or worsen, including for airlines, “the global supply chain” could collapse, Maavak warned.

The rage for mandated mass-jabbing with health-destroying toxins assures the worst of times ahead without all-out rebellion to challenge and halt the most diabolical plot ever conceived by the most demonic regime of all time.

A Final Comment

Even US public schools nationwide are adversely affected by what’s going on.

Along with destroying the health of kids from toxic jabs and respiratory-damaging masks, schools lack enough food to feed them at midday because of planned shortages and escalating prices.

Days earlier, the fake Biden mumbled and bumbled about needing normal access to “critical products (sic)” — undermined by draconian policies of the regime in the White House.

According to nutrition director for Enterprise City Schools in Alabama Stephanie Dillard:

“(W)e’re struggling (to) get food…(W)e’re having a lot of outages and shortages.”

“Every week, everybody is holding their breath, not knowing whether we’re going to get a truck or not because we don’t know if there’s going to be truck drivers or there’s going to be employees in the distributors’ warehouses.”

How many millions of US kids will go hungry from after whatever majority low-income families can afford to feed them for breakfast to the same dilemma they face for providing evening meals?

As bad as things are now, how much worse are they likely to get ahead — from the Biden regime’s diabolical plan that’s unfolding in real time?

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