The Scourge of MSM Big Lies and Mass Deception

MSM serve as press agents for wealth, power and privilege.

Featuring what serves their interests at the expense of journalism as it should be, they’re lying machines never to be believed or trusted.

The above is notably true about the mother of all state-sponsored scams with destroying public health and establishing social control tyranny in mind.

MSM support what’s planned — the worst of all possible worlds — instead of exposing and condemning the most diabolical plot ever conceived in world history by the most loathsome of earlier or current despots.

With FDA/CDC approval of toxic jabs for children aged-5 to 11 virtually certain in a matter of days, the lying machine NYT falsely claimed that “benefits (that don’t exist) outweigh the risks” that abound.

At stake is the health of 28 million young US children.

Jabbing them for protection against flu/covid they won’t get assures irreversible harm.

Instead of sounding the alarm, the Times supports what the diabolical scheme is all about.

Citing so-called FDA regulators linked to Pharma — foxes guarding the public health hen house — the Times repeated their bald-faced Big Lies.

Jabs assure harm and no benefits. Taking them undermines health instead of protecting it.

Mass-poisoning young kids will likely begin shortly after the FDA endorses their use “as early as next week,” the Times reported.

An FDA Pharma-linked panel is set to vote on this issue on Tuesday — comprised of what the Times falsely called “independent…experts (sic).”

Rubbing-stamping approval of what demands the opposite is virtually certain.

Only on what date mass-poisoning of kids will begin has yet to be announced.

A fake news FDA “briefing document” turned truth on its head, falsely claiming that it balanced risks against (nonexistent) rewards of jabbing toxins into the arms of young kids.

Along with the CDC and other US anti-public health agencies, the FDA suppressed evidence of harm to millions in the US, millions more abroad, that includes hundreds of thousands of deaths from toxins in jabs.

Defying reality, the Pharma-controlled agency falsely claimed that its “analysis (shows) that the numbers of clinically significant (flu/covid)-related outcomes prevented would clearly outweigh the numbers of vaccine-associated excess myocarditis cases” and other adverse events.

What’s hidden from public view unreported is excluded from lowball numbers of casualties revealed.

Physicians and scientists who accept agency claims at face value are guilty of malpractice.

Separately, Fox News quoted podcaster Joe Rogan’s no minced words ripping of CNN’s Don Lemon. 

A despicable figure, he accused unjabbed individuals of “taking up space in hospitals.”

He also called safe and effective ivermectin for treating flu/covid a “horse-dewormer” med.

Rogan called him a “dumb motherf…..,” adding:

CNN “need(s) better people” than Lemon. 

Add countless others like him that infest the MSM across the board.

The most reviled and distrusted name in television propaganda reported the following fake news on Friday, as falsely claimed by the Pharma-controlled CDC, saying:

Flu/covid jabbed individuals “had lower death rates than those who were not” jabbed (sic).

Indisputable evidence shows that it’s the other way around by far.

CDC press agent CNN lied claiming otherwise.

There’s nothing remotely safe about jabs designed to irreversibly harm health.

Taking them assures trouble sooner or later.

If mass-jabbing continues unchallenged and not halted, countless millions will perish in the US alone.

Their deaths will either be suppressed or falsely be attributed to an unrelated cause.

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