Heading for Forever-Jabbing

Pharma-linked, angel of death CDC director Walensky wants mass-poisoning by toxic flu/covid jabs accelerated.

What’s crucial to shun with protecting and preserving health in mind she wants increased beyond jabbing, double-jabbing and booster-jabbing to forever-jabbing — to hasten the demise of individuals following her health-destroying advice.

On Friday, she called for updating the definition of fully-jabbed for protection against flu/covid not gotten from kill shots — just the opposite.

The Pharma-controlled agency’s current definition states:

“Fully (jabbed) persons are those who are 14 days post-completion of the primary series of an FDA-authorized” kill shot.

During a Friday press briefing, fraudster Walensky said the following:

“We have not yet changed the definition of fully (jabbed). We will continue to look at this.” 

“We may need to update our definition of fully (jabbed) in the future.”

In cahoots with Pharma, she left no doubt where things are heading.

In the weeks and months ahead, it’s highly likely that forever-jabbing will be approved once or twice annually with two aims in mind: greater Pharma profits and accelerated mass-extermination of unwanted people worldwide.

For now in cahoots with Pharma and Biden regime dark forces, Walensky wants everyone triple-jabbed with health-destroying toxins designed for this purpose.

Her remark came after the Pharma-controlled FDA OK’d Pfizer, Moderna and J & J booster kill shots for most Americans.

At this time, they’re approved for most everyone over aged-18.

OK’ing them for virtually everyone from infancy to the aged lies ahead.

That’s the diabolical mass-extermination master plan — culling unwanted people from populations worldwide on the phony pretext of protecting health with toxins designed to destroy it.

According to leaked US war department data on deadly kill shots now suppressed.

Hospitalization records of 5.6 million fully-jabbed Americans on Medicare found that nearly 150,000 became ill from flu/covid after receiving kill shots.

Around 30,000 fell seriously ill, requiring ICU care.

War department data also showed that most hospitalized flu/covid patients were jabbed with kill shots — a key reason to shun them.

The more gotten, the greater the risk of contracting the viral illness, requiring hospitalization and perishing near-or-longer-term.

Separately, a report from central Florida — that includes Orlando — indicated that “firefighters told county commissioners they are responding to large numbers of people suffering medical complications from” flu/covid jabs.

Wendy Williams said the following:

“I transport more people, more Central Florida brothers and sisters, that are (jabbed) with issues, adverse reactions, or with (flu/covid) than I do” the unjabbed.

“On a daily basis, dispatch receives an excessive amount of 911 calls regarding (adverse jabbing) reactions,” fireman Jason Wheat explained.

According to Orlando’s WESH TV, Orlando Health declined to address the issue beyond the following fabricated statement, saying:

“(F)ailing to get (jabbed) is the biggest predictor of serious illness and deaths from (flu/covid) (sic).” 

“Orlando Health continues to strongly encourage the community to (get kill shots). 

Medical professionals and healthcare institutions that urge toxic flu/covid jabs are guilty of malpractice.

In response to WESH’s request for area 911 medical records, it was falsely told that they’re not available.

Nor is the CDC VAERS system reporting them beyond less than 1% of the disastrous toll.

Countless millions of Americans — along with many millions more abroad — have been irreversibly harmed by toxic jabs designed for this purpose.

Hundreds of thousands died in a matter of months.

Countless millions will perish in the US and elsewhere as long as planned mass-extermination of unwanted people continues unchecked.

Everyone permitting toxins to be jabbed into their bodies is playing Russian roulette with their health — what’s virtually sure to turn out badly sooner or later.

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