Pfizer’s Contractual Extortion

Like countless other US/Western corporate predators, Pfizer is criminal in its operations by peddling harmful to health products.

Anything goes for maximum profits, including mass-jabbing of toxic flu/covid DNA-altering mRNA drugs to its extortionist contractual demands on governments.

In February, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism (BIJ) accused Pfizer of bullying Latin American governments in negotiations for its flu/covid drug.

Some governments were told to make sovereign assets available to the firm, including properties, as collateral to cover costs of potential legal cases resulting from adverse reactions to its mRNA drug.

According to one unnamed government official, Pfizer’s demands amounted to “high-level bullying…h(olding) (nations) to ransom” for access to its drug that’s essential to shun.

With high-level support from US dark forces, Pfizer operates like a mafia crime family on a global scale.

It held talks with over 100 countries, nine in Latin America, on arrangements to buy its toxic flu/covid drug.

Terms of deals made are confidential.

The company dubiously told the BIJ the following:

“Globally, (it) allocated doses to low-and lower-middle-income countries at a not-for-profit price (sic), including an advance purchase agreement with Covax to provide up to 40 million doses in 2021.” 

“We are committed to supporting efforts aimed at providing developing countries with the same access to vaccines as the rest of the world (sic).”

Like other Pharma firms, Pfizer’s sole aims are maximum sales, profits and market share — no matter the harm to health from its toxic drugs, a nonissue in its marketing strategy.

Most often, foreign governments exempt Pfizer from legal liability for harm to health from its drugs — notably its vaccines and toxic mRNA jabs.

Demands by the firm exceed ones of other Pharma companies, according to Argentinian officials.

They include protection against negligence, fraud and/or malice.

According to the WHO’s head of its  Collaborating Center on National and Global Health Law Lawrence Gostin:

“Some liability protection is warranted, but certainly not for fraud, gross negligence, mismanagement, failure to follow good manufacturing practices,” adding: 

“Companies have no right to ask for indemnity for these things.”

Former Argentinian health minister Gines Gonzales slammed Pfizer’s “misbehav(ior),” adding:

“Its intolerance with us was tremendous” and way out-of-line.

Global health law expert Mark Eccleston-Turner said its management aims for maximum profit and minimum risks, especially for its experimental mRNA drug.

The BIJ spoke to officials from Argentina and Brazil. They explained how negotiations soured over unacceptable Pfizer demands, one official saying:

“Instead of giving in on some points, Pfizer demanded more and more.” 

It refused to yield on being exempt from legal liability for harm to health from its toxic jabs.

Argentina and Brazil rejected its extortionist demands.

An unnamed official from a Latin American country not disclosed said the following about talks with Pfizer.

There’s “not a single drug or vaccine in the world with this kind of technology that had been shown to be safe and effective.” 

The above remark begs the question.

Knowing about the danger of using Pfizer’s mRNA drug, why was this country in talks to buy it?

According to Public Citizen, Pfizer’s extortionist demands “generated outrage around the world, slowing purchase agreements and even pushing back the delivery” of its flu/covid drugs.

Company negotiating tactics are abusive, its mRNA drug toxic.

Its widespread use already caused millions of casualties, including hundreds of thousands of deaths.

It prohibits governments from publicly commenting on contractual terms.

If disputes arise with governments, they’re handled out-of-court by private arbitrators secretly so harm from toxic mRNA jabs isn’t publicly disclosed.

Pfizer demands virtually everything beneficial to itself in return for mass-poisoning millions in countries using its toxic mRNA drug.

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