Straight Talk by Vladimir Putin and Russia’s Foreign Ministry

Addressing the 18th annual Valdai International Discussion Club last week, Putin commented on dismal socioeconomic problems facing most people.

“Everywhere, even in the richest countries and regions, the uneven distribution of material wealth has exacerbated inequality, primarily, inequality of opportunities both within individual societies and at the international level,” he explained.

US-dominated Western countries sank to the level of third world ones for the vast majority of their people at a time when their privileged class never had things better.

Numerous countries and “entire regions (face) food crises,” said Putin, adding:

“(T)here is every reason to believe that this crisis will become worse in the near future and may reach extreme forms.”

“There are also shortages of water and electricity, (as well as deep) poverty, high unemployment (and lack of adequate healthcare.”

Most people in these countries, including in the West, lack opportunities for themselves and their children, Putin stressed.

“Where are the humanitarian fundamentals of Western political thought,” he asked? 

“It appears there is nothing there, just idle talk.”

Calls by Western and partnered nations “to work together for resolving common problems are just words.”

“In reality, the opposite is happening,” rich and powerful nations going all-out to subjugate others, while increasing ignoring the needs of their own people.

Now decadent and declining, the US-dominated West “is giving way to a much more diverse system,” said Putin.

Their rage to dominate other nations failed, notably in recent decades.

Citing hegemon USA left unnamed, he said the following:

Post-9/11 alone, it waged wars it failed to win.

In Afghanistan, “it had to wind down operations without achieving a single goal (and) withdraw (after)  causing considerable damage to others and itself.”

“In fact, the situation has worsened dramatically” over the state of the nation before Bush/Cheney’s war on a nation threatening no others.

Much the same applies to Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, the former Yugoslavia, Central American countries and others — victims of US aggression.

Separately, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov addressed the third meeting of Moscow’s format consultations on Afghanistan — boycotted by the Biden regime.

Now gone, the US-installed Ghani puppet regime failed because of supporting Washington’s hegemonic interests over addressing the needs of his own people.

Russia’s goal is achieving “sustainable peace” in the country under “an inclusive government, which fully reflects the interests of all (its) ethnic and political forces,” said Lavrov.

Biden regime withdrawal left behind two decades of US/NATO-caused mass slaughter and destruction, immiserating millions of Afghans left to cope without US/Western compensation for devastation caused by their ruling regimes.

US-created and supported ISIS and likeminded jihadists infest the country.

Lavrov urged the Taliban to “prevent anyone from using the territory of Afghanistan against the interests of third countries, primarily, against Afghanistan’s immediate neighbors – the countries of Central Asia – which are our friends and allies.”

“The development of national education, public healthcare and other socially important areas, especially with very limited funds, certainly requires vigorous efforts and sometimes unconventional solutions on behalf of the new bodies of power, which are now in a state of being formed.” 

“Reports on the deteriorating living conditions of average Afghans are a source of serious concern.” 

“Analysts believe the humanitarian situation may worsen further due to the inability of a considerable part of the Afghan population to make a living.”

Afghans need far more help than what most other countries are willing to provide.

The US-dominated West is contemptuous of the rights and welfare of ordinary people everyone, notably in their own countries.

Russia is actively supplying humanitarian aid for Afghans in need.

Saying more is on the way, Russia is in the vanguard of helping Afghans recover from the ravages of US-led aggression.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) addressed the dismal state of Moscow’s relations with US-dominated NATO.

The warmaking alliance and US-installed puppet secretary general Stoltenberg “drove (its) relations (with Russia) beyond the worst of what existed during decades of Cold War, MZ explained, adding:

They made things “impossible and pointless to work (cooperatively) on the challenges and threats to regional and global security.” 

“NATO renounced any practical cooperation and military contacts with Russia.”

Expulsion of Russian diplomats from Brussels for invented reasons was all about rejection of cooperative relations.

MZ stressed that it’s no longer possible to “take seriously everything we hear not just from NATO as a bloc but also from its” US-installed puppet secretary general.

Following orders from his master in Washington, his Russophobic actions are part of its war on Moscow by other means.

MZ: After the Biden regime’s “disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan…NATO needed something to justify its existence.”

So US dark forces and its imperial partners “redoubled their efforts to blow the mythical ‘Russian threat’ out of any proportion and started to deliberately destroy the remaining channels of our communication.”

Formed for warmaking, the alliance is a major threat to world peace and stability.

Efforts to contain Russia, China, Iran and other nation free from its control failed. 

The US, UK and key NATO partners sabotaged any chance for cooperative relations with Moscow.

EU countries failing to go the other way harm their own interests by subordinating them to a higher power in Washington.

Russia is ready to cooperate with all nations willing to go the same way.

It’s up to them to make good faith gestures for establishing mutually beneficial relations.

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