US-Dominated NATO’s Master Plan for Nuking Russia

Hegemon USA has been addicted to warmaking from inception.

It’s blood-drenched history reflects its rage for waging it against invented enemies.

In 1982, founder of America’s nuclear navy Admiral Hyman Rickover said the following during congressional testimony:

“The lesson of history is when a war starts every nation will ultimately use whatever weapons it has available.” 

“Every time you produce radiation, you produce something that has a certain half-life, in some cases for billions of years.”

“I think the human race is going to wreck itself, and it is important that we get control of this horrible force and try to eliminate it.”  

Earlier in 1961, General Curtis LeMay called for nuking Soviet Russia with thousands of preemptively launched missiles.

At the time, he claimed that retaliation against major US cities — destroying them and incinerating their people — was a small price to pay.

During a national security council meeting, General Lyman Lemnitzer called for the same thing.

In disgust, Jack Kennedy walked out of the session.

Wanting none of what two over-the-top Dr. Strangelove-type generals proposed, he told Secretary of State Dean Rusk: 

“And we call ourselves the human race.”

Current US extremist hawks resemble LeMay and Lemnitzer.

Today’s thermonukes can incinerate large cities and surrounding areas, transforming them into smoldering rubble.

If enough of these WMDs are detonated, nuclear winter could extinguish life on earth.

As long as these weapons exist, the chance of their use in large numbers is ominously high.

The options are unambiguous — eliminate these WMDs or risk having them eliminate us.

In 1959, Stanley Kramer’s chilling film “On the Beach” — now largely suppressed — portrayed the aftermath of nuclear war with deadly radiation spreading worldwide.

Partly filmed in Australia, the last part of the world to be irradiated, its last scene was chilling.

Earlier suburban Melbourne streets showed normal life. 

The end showed them empty, devoid of life and windblown. 

A church banner ironically read: “There is Still Time…Brother.”

No longer. Radiation poisoning is unforgiving. It has final say. 

No one can survive its deadly toxins, death coming painfully.

Symptoms may include severe vomiting and diarrhea, dizziness, headaches, seizures, tremors, loss of muscle functioning and unconsciousness. 

Depending on the extent of radiation poisoning, death can be or more prolonged.

Either way is a very unpleasant way to die.

Kramer’s film explained the madness of nuclear war.

After seeing it when released over 60 years ago, I once saw it again on late-night television many years later.

Today it’s largely or entirely hidden from public view.

There’s no ambiguity about its message.

Nuclear radiation is unforgiving. Exposure assures irradiated death.

If radiation is spread worldwide as Kramer’s film portrayed, we’re all doomed. 

US-dominated NATO reportedly prepared a master plan for preemptive nuclear war on Russia.

According to Reuters, “NATO (war) ministers are set to agree a new master plan” — on the phony pretext of “defend(ing) against any potential Russian attack on multiple fronts (sic).”

The nonexistent possibility was left unexplained.

Earlier, Biden regime war minister Austin repeated the Big Lie about a Russian threat that doesn’t exist.

Defying reality he understands well, he falsely accused Moscow of launching “war (on) Ukrainian sovereignty and its territorial integrity (sic).”

War since spring 2014 by Kiev on Donbass was made-in-the-USA to rage menacingly along Russia’s border.

NATO falsely claims that its so-called Concept for Deterrence and Defense in the Euro-Atlantic Area is in response to “Russia(n) develop(ment) (of) advanced weapons systems and…troops and equipment (sent) closer to the borders of allies,” Reuters reported.

Except for aiding Syria defend the nation as requested by Damascus against US armed, trained, and directed ISIS and other jihadist proxies, Russia’s military operates on its own territory.

Prioritizing peace, stability, cooperative relations with other nations and compliance with rule of law principles, the Russian Federation never attacked another country, threatening none.

No evidence suggests a change of policy ahead.

Respectful of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all nations, Russia’s geopolitical agenda is polar oppose how hegemon US-dominated NATO and apartheid Israel operate.

At the same time, its territory is surrounded by heavily armed US/NATO forces.

Their warplanes encroach on its airspace. Their warships operate the same way.

Russia threatens no other nations. No threat of belligerent Russian advances on multiple fronts exists, no menacing behavior, no violations of international law.

Not a shred of evidence contradicts the above reality.

Russia’s military and super-weapons are solely for defense, a fundamental right of all nations under the UN Charter.

In stark contrast, hegemon USA and its warmaking partners threaten world peace and humanity’s survival.

US-dominated NATO’s hostile-to-Russia master plan is all about preemptive war on a nonthreatening nation if launched — an act of madness if ordered by extremists in Washington.

According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, the diabolical plan includes use of nukes, cyber-attacks and space war.

It shows virtually no prospect of improving Russia’s relations with the US-dominated NATO warmaking alliance, Peskov stressing:

“There is no need for dialogue under these (unacceptable) conditions.” 

NATO’s killing machine “was not created for peace. It was conceived, designed and created for” preemptive wars against invented enemies.

It’s been this way throughout the post-WW II period — planned this way by dominant US hardliners.

Reciting lines scripted for him by his US master, puppet NATO secretary general Stoltenberg said the following:

“(R)elation(s) between NATO and Russia (are) lowest…since the end of the Cold War, and the reason for that is the Russian behavior (sic),” falsely adding:

“They have invaded the(ir) neighbors (sic).” 

“They have annexed part of another country (sic).” 

“They’re meddling in our democratic processes (sic), and we have seen Russia being responsible for aggressive actions against NATO allies (sic).”

“They are investing heavily in new nuclear capabilities (sic).”

The above claims are bald-faced Big Lies.

What Stoltenberg knows, he pretended otherwise on orders from his higher power in Washington.

Russia’s development of defensive weapons fully complies with its international law obligations.

In stark contrast, hegemon US-dominated NATO and apartheid Israel maintain stockpiles of banned weapons for use on invented enemies.

While US-led NATO war on Russia, China or Iran is highly unlikely, the risk of what would be madness is ominously clear.


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