Study Shows No Protection from Toxic Flu/Covid Jabs

According to a study published by European Journal of Epidemiology discussed earlier, data from 68 countries and nearly all US counties found no relation between jabs and reduced flu/covid outbreaks.

Nations and parts of the US most heavily jabbed have the highest percent of outbreaks.

Areas with low inoculation rates have proportionally lower rates.

Study results debunk fake news about polar opposite claims.

Israel and Britain are two of the world’s most heavily jabbed countries for flu/covid protection not gotten.

The percent of their populations affected by the viral illness increased proportionately to the number of people jabbed, rejabbed and booster-jabbed.

Yet fake news by their MSM falsely claim otherwise — in cahoots with their ruling regimes.

Their reports also conceal harm from jabs, including from government or Pharma-sponsored “studies” that falsely claim otherwise.

On Wednesday, Haaretz falsely reported that flu/covid jabbing “does not harm female or male fertility (sic).”

On Thursday, it defied reality by falsely claiming that toxic jabs are “90% effective at reducing delta infection among teens (sic).”

All flu/covid strains are virtually alike, delta no more scariant than others.

Jabs increase outbreaks instead of reducing their numbers. They assure irreversible harm and no protection.

Peer-reviewed science refutes phony claims otherwise, including from Haaretz fake news.

Harm from jabs is from their dangerous spike proteins. They risk clotting and leakage of blood vessels.

Their lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) risk serious harm to health.

According to Doctors for Covid Ethics, jabs risk “heart attacks, stroke, venous thrombosis…harm to female fertility (and) to breastfed infants (from) cumulative toxicity after multiple” jabs.

“The risk-benefit calculus (for all experimental flu/covid jabs is) clear.”

They’re hazardous to health, not safe and effective as falsely promoted.

“Multiple lines of research indicate that immunocompetent people display ‘robust’ and lasting cellular (T cell) immunity to” flu/covid. 

“Natural T-Cell immunity provides stronger and more comprehensive protection against all” flu/covid strains, including the delta scariant.

Noted physician Peter McCullough MD stressed that jabs are “unsafe and unfit for human use.”

He called them “the most lethal, toxic, biologic agent ever injected into a human body in American history.”

Former Pfizer vice president and chief scientist for allergy and respiratory illnesses, Dr. Michael Yeadon, stressed that flu/covid jabs from all producers pose a high risk of causing infertility among women.

Separately he stressed that there’s “is absolutely no need for vaccines to extinguish the pandemic.” 

“You do not (mass-jab) people who aren’t at risk from a disease.” 

“You also don’t set about planning to (mass-jab) millions of fit and healthy people with (an experimental drug) that hasn’t been extensively tested on human subjects.”

Based on firsthand knowledge, including records from the hospital where she works, physician’s assistant Deborah Conrad said around 90% of flu/covid patients were “fully” jabbed for protection not gotten, adding:

Many are seriously ill, yet were in good health before jabbed.

She also explained that her hospital prohibits filing VAERS reports to the CDC to conceal mass-casualties from toxic jabs.

There’s nothing remotely safe and effective about them.

Just the opposite is irrefutably true.

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