Eliminating the Unwanted

The elderly and seriously ill on Medicare and Social Security, along with the poor on Medicaid, are prime US targets for mass-elimination by toxic flu/covid jabs designed for this purpose.

Last year, Forbes magazine reported on doctors (and hospitals) issuing Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders for seriously ill flu/covid patients.

Calling the practice “outrageous,” Forbes displayed an image of a hospitalized patient with a purple-colored bracelet strapped to his or her wrist, displaying the letters DNR for letting the patient die with no resuscitation steps taken.

Citing a report, titled “Abandoned, forgotten and ignored — the impact of (flu/covid) on Disabled people,” Forbes said severely ill patients from the viral illness were pressured by doctors “to have DNR or Do Not Attempt Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation orders placed on their medical records” with eliminating them in mind.

The diabolical practice is also ongoing without consulting patients or family members.

In response, CEO Julie Bass of UK-based Turning Point, an organization involved in providing health and social care services said the following:

“It is not only illegal but outrageous that a doctor would decide not to save someone” for any reason. 

“Everyone has “the same right to life as anyone else.”

In the US, New York, Washington, Pennsylvania and other states “issued protocols (for) deprioritizing” unwanted people for invented reasons.

Like Henry Kissinger decades earlier, Nazi Germany waged war on what it called “useless eaters” with eliminating them in mind.

What US/Western dark forces plan is much more extreme, wanting billions of unwanted people eliminated worldwide, including in their home countries.

The issue has nothing to do with allocating limited medical resources.

It has everything to do with long-ago planned mass extermination of unwanted people.

The elderly, seriously ill and others targets are most vulnerable.

Toxic jabs on the phony pretext of protecting health are weapons chosen for culling world community populations beyond anything diabolically conceived before.

UK doctors in care facilities reportedly were ordered by the National Health Service to issue widespread Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders for large numbers of designated patients under their care.

The same practice is ongoing in UK hospitals.

Thousands of patients are being labeled DNR.

It’s happening in US hospitals, likely in nursing homes and other care facilities as well.

Is what’s ongoing prelude for more greatly escalating the diabolical practice with elimination of tens of millions in the US alone — billions worldwide?

With mass-extermination in mind, US dark forces are likely to stop at nothing in pursuit of their genocidal aims.

Doctors, hospitals and care facilities are complicit with the highest of high crimes.

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