Shocking Truths MSM Suppress

Toxic jabs are responsible for the vast majority of flu/covid outbreaks and hospitalizations, largely for serious cases.

Health Impact News revealed crucial to know truths about easily preventable state-sponsored/MSM supported horrors.

Publishing what Ventura County, California Conejo Guardian Independent Community News (CG) reported was an important public service. 

Nurses unwilling to be silenced explained horrific hospital mistreatment of flu/covid patients.

Using pseudonyms for self-protection, they said the following:

An atmosphere of intimidation, fear, distrust and disillusionment prevails among many healthcare professionals.

“Before (flu/covid), nurses, staff and the community were confident in treatment modalities and in doctors’ competencies.”

Now they’re “confused” because of a breakdown in what healthcare for people needing treatment is all about. 

Doctors and administrative staff “refuse to re­port the rising number of unexplained medical problems in otherwise healthy people as potential adverse reactions to experimental” flu/covid jabs. 

“To suggest that (they’re caus(ing) medical problem(s) — or…contributing to the alarming rise in (hospitalizations) invites professional ridicule.”

Nobody dares speak out about what toxic jabs are responsible for, according to an ICU nurse. 

“It’s not even in question. You might as well say you want to start treat­ing people with crystals and burning sage.” 

“If you say it’s the (jab, you’re falsely told that (it’s) the safest thing ever produced” — a shocking perversion of irrefutable truth otherwise.

“Yet, doctors are at a loss to explain the increase…in heart at­tacks in young people, mainly men, who received” jabs.

According to one nurse, doctors “just chalk it up to genes,” one of many disturbing examples of malpractice.

One nurse explained that in 2020 until spring this year, flu/covid patients were far fewer in number than anticipated.

Once mass-jabbing began increasing significantly, everything changed.

Numbers of cases “really started picking up” — because of widespread toxic mass-jabbing.

The nurse in question saw increased numbers of patients ill from heart disease, stoke, pneumonia, respiratory illnesses,  bodily rashes, embolisms, and various autoimmune diseases — caused by toxic jabs.

Three weeks after jabbed with Pfizer’s kill shot, one patient’s “lungs were completely destroyed,” a nurse explained.

After getting a Pfizer jab, a young nurse went into cardiac arrest.

Yet the hospital refuses to admit that toxic jabs are responsible for what’s going on.

A nurse with 25 years of experience said young adults are showing up with heart problems, what was unheard of pre-flu/covid mass-jabbing.

An ER nurse said staff are seeing “clot­ting, bleeding…brain bleeds, heart attacks” far in excess of what occurs in normal times.

Yet doctors won’t “admit this is from” jabs. What’s happening isn’t reported to VAERS.

One nurse called flu/covid related data “voodoo statistics.”

Another said around “80% of people in the ER” were jabbed.

Sickest ones were double-jabbed.

Despite the ongoing horrors, hospital staff members are “getting browbeaten and told they are going to lose their livelihoods” if not jabbed.

Unjabbed ones are falsely accused of being “carriers,” called unfit to serve.

One nurse was sharply criticized for remaining unjabbed by a doctor in front of other staff.

Patients diagnosed with flu/covid are separated from others and mistreated by harmful protocols or left untreated to die.

All nurses cited and quoted agreed.

The state of hospital care in California is in shocking decline.

What’s going on in the no longer golden state is repeated in the US nationwide.

Hospitals have become hazardous to patients instead of the other way around.

Looking ahead, things are likely to more greatly worsen than revert to how they were pre-2020.

On all things healthcare for most patients requiring hospitalization, America was thirdworldized.

The world’s richest country is going all-out to harm and eliminate countless millions of unwanted Americans, billions more abroad.

That’s the deplorable state of things today.

Most Americans are threatened with elimination by the country’s ruling class.

Health-destroying toxic jabs are their weapons of choice.

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