False Accusations Against Invented US Enemies Never Quit

Russia is a favorite target for its prominence on the world stage and freedom from hegemon USA’s control.

In recent years alone, the Kremlin was falsely accused of US election interference, poisoning CIA asset/convicted embezzler Navalny, attacking US-colonized Ukraine,  cyber-attacking SolarWinds (sic), and ransomware attacks.

Whenever accusations like the above are made against Russia or other invented US enemies, corroborating evidence never accompanies them because none exists.

Once again, Moscow was falsely accused of cyber-intrusion attempts to penetrate “thousands of US government, corporate and think-tank computer networks,” according to NYT fake news — citing Microsoft and so-called cybersecurity experts, adding:

One of the software firm’s security officials, Tom Burt, dubiously claimed that “very large” intrusions came from Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR).

Biden regime hardliners and the Times falsely accused the agency of interfering in the US 2016 presidential election.

Despite nearly two years of probes and millions of dollars wasted, not a shred of evidence confirmed what turned out to be a colossal hoax.

Robert Mueller ended his protracted witch hunt with a whimper, nothing resembling a bang found.

The same applies to virtually all phony accusations against Russia, China, Iran and other nations on the US target list for regime change — for not bending to a higher power in Washington.

The latest Russophobic accusation is no more credible than earlier ones.

Lack of corroborating evidence shows what’s claimed is nothing more than forever-Russia bashing.

With nothing to legitimately blame its ruling authorities for, accusations are invented, not real.

The war by other means tactic repeats with disturbing regularity.

MSM “press agents for wealth, power and the imperial state like the NYT falsely report bald-faced Big Lies — based on state-supplied talking points.

Microsoft dubiously notified hundreds of firms, agencies and organizations of what it claims were thousands of cyber intrusion attempts.

The firm presented no evidence that it happened or by what source.

Claiming what happened is still ongoing with few security breaches achieved suggests that what NYT reported is nothing more than another baseless Russophobic attack with no evidence supporting it.

When Moscow was falsely accused of cyber-attacking Solar Winds months earlier, the imposter in the White House laid blame where it didn’t belong and imposed illegal sanctions.

An unnamed Biden regime official called the latest alleged attack “unsophisticated, run-of-the mill operations that could have been prevented if (Microsoft’s) cloud service providers had implemented baseline cybersecurity practices.”

According to Burt’s false accusation, Russian intelligence was “attempting to replicate the approach it (was falsely accused of earlier).”

Once again, it was falsely accused of “targeting organizations integral to the global information technology supply chain (sic).”

The Times also cited unnamed Russophobic Biden regime officials who blamed Moscow for what no evidence suggests its involvement.

Russia and other invented US enemies are accustomed to being falsely blamed for all sorts of things that are invented to maintain forever US-led Western war on them by other means.

Instead of focusing on what it calls all the news that’s fit to print, the Times consistently and repeatedly publishes managed news misinformation and disinformation on issues mattering most.

It’s why nothing it reports can be taken at face value.

Exhibit A is a daily blitzkrieg of fake news on all things flu/covid, especially about toxic jabs designed to destroy health it falsely reports as safe and effective.

On all things Russia, China, Iran and other invented US enemies, it provides press agent services for Washington’s forever wars by hot and/or other means.

Without credible evidence not presented, its latest report on alleged Russian cyber-mischief is another example gratuitously bashing its ruling authorities in cahoots with US dark forces.

It never ends against all US invented enemies.

It’s another example of what the scourge of US imperialism is all about.

The same goes for MSM fake news that’s featured in all Times editions — what’s journalism is supposed to be consistently absent.

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