US-Colonized Germany Threatens Nuclear Deterrence Against Russia

On all things Russia and other nonbelligerent/nonthreatening invented enemies, NATO/EU countries operate as virtual hegemon USA colonies.

On the world stage, they salute and obey their higher power in Washington.

In response to hostile remarks by German war minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer — threatening NATO-led nuclear deterrence against Russia — the Merkel regime’s attache in Moscow was summoned to Russia’s Defense Ministry, a statement saying:

“Today, on October 25, the defense attache of the embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in the Russian Federation was invited to the Russian Defense Ministry’s Main International Military Cooperation Department” to explain the unacceptable threat.

Live on Deutschlandfunk radio, Kramp-Karrenbauer said NATO is ready to confront (nonbelligerent) Russia militarily, including with nuclear weapons, adding:

“(W)e must make it very clear to Russia that we are ready to use such measures…so that it would have an early deterrent effect (sic).” 

Saying her remark was “in response to the current behavior of Russia” defied how its leadership operates on the world stage — prioritizing peace, shunning conflict, urging diplomatic resolution of differences among nations.

Russia’s way is polar opposite how hegemon USA-dominated NATO operates — inventing enemies to wage forever wars by hot and/or other means.

On the same day, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova responded to Kramp-Karrenbauer’s threat as follows, saying:

“The lack of interest in a serious dialogue on de-escalation with Moscow was displayed by (Germany’s war minister) ahead of a NATO meeting.” 

“We hope that Germany has sensible leaders, capable of holding its minister from the ill-advised desire to test the reliability of our armed forces.”

The October 21-22 “meeting of the NATO Council once again confirmed that the entire NATO colossus is still, after 70 years, only (aims to deter nonthreatening) Russia.” 

“Having failed its era of ‘major operations,’ the alliance, once again, just like during the Cold War era, sharpens its potentials at countering the (invented) enemy in the East.”

With that in mind “NATO (war) ministers approved the strategic implementation plan for the Concept for Deterrence and Defense Concept in the Euro-Atlantic Area, and decided to update the alliance’s (war) plans on the ‘Eastern Flank.’ ” 

“They intend to expand patrolling of airspace over the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea waters, and increase the mobility of its (hostile) armed forces.”

It’s “impossible to carry out a dialogue with those who are only ready for a confrontation” — on orders from its master in Washington.

Separately during a Berlin news conference, Merkel regime spokesman Steffen Seibert defied reality, saying:

“(T)he need to maintain a nuclear deterrence within the framework of NATO” remains in place as long as these weapons are maintained by an invented enemy in Moscow.

Reportedly, hegemon USA deployed nukes to its Buechel airbase in southwestern Germany, an unacceptable move that threatens Russian security.

Responding to escalated Cold war by Germany against Russia, its Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said the following:

“(S)ecurity in Europe can only be collective without infringement of Russia’s interest.” 

“But currently NATO is the party that’s not ready for equal dialogue on this issue.”

“Amid calls to deter Russia militarily, NATO is consistently building up its forces near our borders.” 

“The German foreign minister must know quite well how such actions have ended for Germany and Europe previously.”

Shoigu also stressed that 20 years of US-led aggression in Afghanistan was “a catastrophe” for its people.

“(T)he whole world now has to deal” with the aftermath of its rape and destruction of the country.

A days earlier article discussed a reported US-dominated NATO master plan for preemptive nuclear war on Russia, a suicidal act of madness if launched.

US master plans for forever wars by hot and/or other means are in place against all its invented enemies — nations unwilling to sacrifice their sovereign rights to demands of a bully in Washington.

Subservience of NATO/EU nations to US interests at the expense of their own shows they’re not ready for prime time or for dialogue on a level playing field with world peace and stability prioritized.

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