Eliminating the Unwanted: Part III

The most diabolically sinister plot against life, liberty and public health rages with MSM support over exposing and condemning what was made-in-the USA with the most demonic evil intentions in mind.

A previous article discussed the upcoming online Truth for Health Foundation (TFH) Stop the Shot: Caught on Tape Wednesday conference.

Indisputable evidence was presented to show that hospitals and professional staff are denying life-saving treatment protocols and sustenance to seriously ill patients with intent to let them die.

Protocols used aim to expedite their death — what’s cold-blooded murder by any definition.

After seasonal flu was renamed covid early last year, most US hospitals became hazardous to the health and well-being of patients ill from the viral disease.

Instead of going all-out to restore their health — what medicine as it should be is all about — polar opposite practices are followed.

According to THF attorney Ali Schultz, her seriously ill hospitalized in-laws were willfully and maliciously mistreated by medical professionals who abandoned their Hippocratic Oath obligation to do no harm.

Schultz’s mother-in-law died in mid-September, a victim of medical malpractice.

Around the same time, her father-in-law went home.

Schultz said he wasn’t “let go or discharged.” His release was more like an escape from involuntary imprisonment.

Serving as their medical power of attorney, hospital staff were told in advance not to prescribe experimental remdesivir.

When used to treat flu/covid patients, it does more harm than good by worsening their condition.

Failing to reduce pathogens in their bloodstream, independent medical experts warned that the drug is highly toxic and dangerous when administered to flu/covid patients and others.

From what she learned by researching potential harm from the drug, Schultz said it risks kidney disease, failure, pulmonary congestion and death.

Hospital professional staff were also told not to use mechanical intubation to aid breathing.

Time and again it’s improperly prescribed, resulting in death.

Schultz’s in-laws were in separate hospitals, her father-in-law at the Mayo Clinic’s Scottsdale, Arizona facility.

Medical professionals involved in treating him “had no plan to (take) him off oxygen and no plan to get him home,” she said, adding:

Heavy pressure she called “coercion” was used for her in-laws and other flu/covid patients to use health-destroying remdesivir that’s crucial to avoid.

Mayo has no prescribed protocol for restoring the health of these patients — just the opposite.

According to US News Best Hospitals, Mayo Clinic’s Rochester MN facility is No.1 ranked in the US.

Its Scottsdale facility is ranked No. 15 in the nation.

If Mayo is guilty of malpractice by mistreating flu/covid patients, it suggests that much the same is going on in hospitals throughout the US.

It’s an unforgivable breach of what medicine is supposed to be all about, as well as Nuremberg Code and other international law protections.

At Mayo’s Scottsdale facility and where Schultz’s mother-in-law was hospitalized, she said that even with medical power of attorney to protect the health and well-being of her in-laws, she was unable to verify if hydration, nourishment, and other protocols were used to aid their recovery.

Instead, she was denied access to their health records, access to see her in-laws, and was lied to about their treatment and condition.

Incredibly, she was accosted and handcuffed by hospital security, then forcibly removed from Mayo’s Scottsdale facility.

She later learned that its medical staff grievously mistreated her father-in-law by denying him food and water for six days, except for a bag of unhealthy sugar water.

As a lawyer, Schultz explained that as long as hospitals follow the health-destroying protocol established by fraudster/angel of death Fauci, they’re free from liability no matter what happens to patients they’re mistreating.

From a conversation she taped with Mayo’s administrator, she learned that mistreatment of her father-in-law is standard practice “in all (area) hospitals.”

“That is the standard of care,” the administrator explained.

Medical staff unwilling to follow it are sacked.

THF president Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD called the diabolical practice “staggering,” adding:

She’s unable to “wrap (her) mind around” horrific mistreatment in US hospitals that’s apparently going on nationwide.

It includes no visitation rights for family and others to see and be with flu/covid patients.

The diabolical practice is all about harming them by administering health-destroying meds and other protocols crucial to avoid, along with denying them proper nutrition and keeping them isolated.

For flu/covid patients and likely other seriously ill ones, hospitalization is hazardous to their health and survival.

What’s going on is widespread/state-approved criminality without punishment in the US — much the same likely in other Western countries.

It’s part of the diabolical plot to eliminate maximum numbers of unwanted people.

It’s a Nuremberg-level high crime far beyond what Nazi war criminals were held accountable for.

That’s the deplorable state of things in the US/West.

Their nations are unsafe and unfit to live in.

They’re hostile to the health, lives, well-being and rights of ordinary people everywhere with unparalleled genocidal aims in mind to exterminate as many as possible.

If that’s not enough to arouse mass rebellion, what is?

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