It’s Official

Forever-jabbing with health-destroying toxins is official US policy.

If survive one jab, another and a booster, forever-jabs will eliminate most people getting them by destroying their bodily organs.

Newly issued Pharma-controlled CDC guidelines approved a fourth toxic dose for around 100 million so-called high-risk Americans.

Most are falsely designed this way, including healthcare workers, teachers, and others coming in close contact with large gatherings.

A third jab was approved for pregnant women with destroying their unborn, making them infertile, and irreversibly harming their health in mind.

Looking ahead, annual or semi-annual jabs are next in line for official approval, along with OK’ing them for all segments of society and age groups — from infancy to near-end-of-our lifespan, the latter for those able to survive the assault on their health longer than expected.

Throughout the US/West and elsewhere to date, jabs irreversibly harmed countless millions of people, hundreds of thousands perishing.

As long as toxic mass-jabbing continues, the human toll will keep rising exponentially.

What’s considered fully-jabbed is a moving target — goal posts shifting to reflect whether the latest forever jab was gotten.

Yet the vast majority of adverse events and deaths from jabs go unreported.

Emergency rooms of US hospitals are increasingly flooded with seriously ill jabbed patients.

Staff is hard-pressed to keep pace with demand for their services.

The vast majority of hospitalized patients ill from flu/covid were jabbed.

As numbers of rejabbing continue, the sick and dying will likely explode much higher than already.

Year-over-year in the US, hospital admissions are 20% higher.

Greater numbers of admissions are seriously ill.

According to, “a staggering conflict of interest” is going on below the radar.

So-called FDA advisory committee members involved in recommending approval of toxic flu/covid jabs are connected to Pharma.

Most voting members who approved Pfizer’s experimental, hazardous, poorly-tested mRNA drug for flu/covid protection not gotten have “major connections to” the company.

They include “a former vice president of Pfizer Vaccines, a recent Pfizer consultant, a recent Pfizer research grant recipient, a man who mentored a current top Pfizer vaccine executive, a man who runs a center that gives out Pfizer vaccines, the chair of a Pfizer data group, a guy who was proudly photographed taking a Pfizer vaccine…”

They also include numerous others who formally recommend use of its toxic health-destroying jabs.

Former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb is a Pfizer board of directors member.

Officials infesting virtually all US anti-public health agencies have ties to one or more Pharma firms.

The deck is stacked for approval of flu/covid and other toxic drugs that are crucial to avoid to protect and preserve health.

FDA/CDC approved drugs are a leading cause of death in the US/West.

Their use ranked third most deadly after heart disease and cancer — based on pre-2020 data.

They all have potentially serious side effects — why it’s crucial to avoid what’s not essential and use what’s prescribe only as directed as minimally as possible.

Since mass-jabbing for flu/covid began 10 months ago, drugs — including for the viral illness — most likely are the leading cause of death in the US, other Western countries and elsewhere.

They’re crucial to shun to preserve and protect health.

Taking them as directed risks serious illness that for countless numbers will prove deadly.

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