Healthcare Redefined: Hospitals Transformed into Prisons

US hospitalization for flu/covid patients is far more hazardous to health and survival than the viral illness.

Explaining the disturbing reality of the times since seasonal flu was renamed covid and toxic health-destroying mass-jabbing began, Truth for Health Foundation’s President Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD said the following:

US hospitals nationwide are “fail(ing) to (fulfill) fundamental patient right(s), (including their) right to request treatment,” adding:

The same goes for not following wishes of their family members and what lawyers call for with power of attorney representing them.

Instead, hospitals are administering health-destroying protocols that push the envelope for death.

Doctor/patient relationships as they should be no longer exist in at least most US hospitals nationwide.

What’s going on is a flagrant breach of international and constitutional law.

Yet US federal and state courts to the highest level failed to rule for what the law demands — including the US High Court.

Days earlier, Vliet addressed today’s shocking reality in an op-ed, titled “Lethal Connections,” saying:

“In a shocking departure from traditional hospital policies, a hospital admission has become like reporting to prison.” 

“Prisoners in America’s jails have more visitation rights than do (flu/covid) patients in America’s hospitals.”

“One family member, a professional psychologist with a career focus treating victims of trauma, said that in many hospitals, (flu/covid) patients are treated ‘little better than animals.’ ”

Medical professionals are coerced by hospital administrators to administer harmful to health drugs, deny use of known safe and effective ones, “restrict fluids and nutrition for (flu/covid) patients, (along with) suppress(ing)” their visitation rights to isolate them with diabolical aims in mind.

Protocols followed mistreat patients instead of doing no harm — by “rationing medical care for people older than 50.”

The protocol was developed by angel of death and human misery Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel.

Earlier he was the Obama/Biden regime’s senior health policy advisor.

He’s now operating in a similar capacity with fraudster Fauci for the Biden regime White House.

Vliet quoted what he wrote in an infamous 2009 Lancet article, saying the following:

What he called “the complete lives system produces a priority curve on which individuals aged between roughly 15 and 40 years get the most substantial chance, whereas the youngest and oldest people get chances that are attenuated.”

“ ‘Attenuated’ means rationed, restricted, or denied medical care that commonly leads to premature death.”

Like co-angels of death Fauci, Walensky and other US anti-public health officials, Emanuel then and now advocates elimination of countless numbers of unwanted people.

His way is by mistreating hospitalized patients grievously enough to cause death from neglect — cold-blooded murder by any standard.

Everyone involved in following this health-destroying protocol shares guilt.

The world’s richest country spends countless trillions of dollars for militarism, warmaking and lavish corporate handouts.

There are no financial or other excuses for denying anything less than state-of-the art healthcare for all Americans as needed — a fundamental human right.

Yet nothing remotely close to this standard exists throughout the US/West.

At a time when dark forces in charge prioritize elimination of maximum numbers of unwanted people at home and abroad, official policy calls for doing maximum harm to maximum numbers of people instead of the other way around.

That above reality reflects the depth to which US governance has sunk. 

The same applies throughout the West, in Australia, Israel, and elsewhere.

What’s been going on since last year is an unprecedented war on humanity worldwide.

Hospitals and complicit staff are breaching the letter and spirit of Hippocratic Oath do no harm like never before in world history.

Vliet explained that “whistleblower doctors, nurses, attorneys, patient advocates, and journalists exposed egregious hospital abuses, neglect of patients, denial of vital intravenous fluids and basic medicines to hospitalized (US flu/covid) patients” nationwide. 

“Age-based rationing is happening every day (in flu/covid) units of our hospitals, since the overwhelming majority of patients (with this illness) are older than 50, the age at which Emanuel claims that life is complete and not worth the use of medical resources.”

It’s a hideous notion that only serial killers and genocidists could support — never by medical professionals who prioritize doing no harm by going all-out to restore health to ill patients.

Eliminating maximum numbers of US elderly individuals lets Washington divert savings from lessor Social Security and Medicare payouts to more greatly enriching the nation’s super-rich.

Hospitals are incentivized by getting extra millions of dollars in government payouts for mistreating and eliminating maximum numbers of elderly Americans.

Vliet described what’s happening as “tortur(ing)” hospitalized patients “to death while…chemically and physically restrained and isolated from families” and others important to their lives and well-being.

She explained what grievously happened to hospitalized Chicago “Freedom advocate Veronica Wolski.

Given health-destroying remdesivir she “repeatedly refused” to take but got anyway, overall medical care able to restore her health was entirely denied.

She was isolated from the outside world of family, friends and lawyer given her healthcare power of attorney.

Hospitalized at Resurrection Hospital on Chicago’s northwest side, the facility describes itself as follows, saying:

“Our award-winning, 337-bed academic hospital offers…comprehensive medical (care and) highly specialized tertiary care” — that by definition means use of state-of-the-art complex procedures and treatments by medical specialists.

The hospital is “ranked among the best” in Illinois.

“From routine care to highly complex conditions, we provide the compassionate, personalized attention you need to heal. In sickness and in health.”

All of the above is denied to flu/covid patients — likley other elderly ones as well.

They’re grievously mistreated by polar opposite protocols with intent to destroy their life force over restoring their health.

The above is standard practice at Resurrection Hospital, in other Chicago ones and others nationwide.

Once admitted to the city’s Resurrection Hospital, Wolski’s fate was sealed.

Murdered in cold-blood by medical malpractice, “she died alone as a medical prisoner in a Catholic hospital (that even) denied her a priest” to administer last rites, Vliet explained, adding:

Hospitals even “us(e) law enforcement to deny access to hospital grounds for family and advocates” of patients.

They’re torture prisons for flu/covid patients, not facilities for treating and restoring health.

Doctors, nurses, and other staff unwilling to administer health-destroying protocols over what medicine is supposed to be are sacked.

Doctors unwilling to go along with what no one should tolerate risk being delicensed. 

Vliet quoted what an unnamed ICU physician posted on social media, saying the following:

“Just finished a 10-night stretch in the ICU.” 

“Patient bashing and blatant meanness have taken on a whole new level within our healthcare colleagues.” 

“How can we NOT spiral downwards towards despair when this behavior is allowed and is being normalized??”

“I feel I’ve been thrown into a Mean Girls sequel.” 

“Making fun of patients and families for not being V’d is the cool thing now.” 

“I don’t mind taking care of (flu/covid) patients.” 

“But this hateful vibe that has permeated my world is what’s going to end my career if it doesn’t end.” 

Vliet concluded her op-ed as follows, saying:

“Welcome to the brave new world of government-directed medical care carried out by obedient, profit-focused hospital executives eager for the government handouts of incentive payments for following the (health-destroying flu/covid) Protocol.”

Note: Her article was posted on the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) website.

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