Emergency Use Authorization Con Job

On all things health related in the US/West, Pharma dictates policymaking.

So-called public health agencies are stacked with officials linked to its profiteering firms.

Executive, legislative and judicial branches of governance serve their interests at the expense of public health, well-being and the rule of law.

Policies related to flu/covid are all about destroying public health with intent to eliminate maximum numbers of unwanted people worldwide and turn nation-states into — unsafe and unfit to live in — ruler/serf societies.

The 1938 US Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act lets DHS, HHS, and/or DOD secretaries decide if conditions warrant issuance of a public health emergency use authorization (EUA) by the Pharma-controlled FDA.

Issuing an EUA for use of one or more drugs requires the following:

Drugs OK’d for human use must be effective.

EUA benefits must outweigh known or potential risks.

No alternatives to what’s approved exist.

In the US/West, the Pharma fox guards the public health hen house.

The books are cooked to let its firms get what they want.

Their mandate is maximum sales and profits no matter the human toll.

Pharma fueled the out-of-control opioid crisis in the US.

Until seasonal flu was renamed covid last year, opioid addiction was the nation’s most serious public health crisis because nothing officially was done to curb use of drugs that destroy health.

Opioid addiction is responsible for over 50,000 US deaths annually.

After declaring a public health emergency to address the crisis, the Trump regime sat on its hands and did nothing — in deference to Pharma profiteers.

Millions of Americans are addicted to these drugs because they’re easily obtainable.

US deaths from prescription drugs overall far exceed numbers from global hot wars.

Over two-thirds of Americans use one or more legal drugs. They all have potential harmful to health side effects.

Pre-2020, prescription drugs were the third leading cause of US deaths.

Since toxic mass-jabbing for flu/covid began 10 months, taking them as directed became the leading cause of death in the US/West.

EUA that permitted full speed ahead mass-jabbing irreversibly harmed countless millions of unwitting people.

Many thousands died. Officially reported numbers are a tiny snapshot of a significantly higher human toll.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. explained the “(t)he greatest crisis that America faces today is the chronic disease epidemic in America’s children.” 

Mass-jabbing plays a leading role in creating illness, not protection from it.

According to Kennedy’s Children’s Health Defense (CHD):

US “(c)hildren (jabbed) according to the standard schedule had significantly more outpatient and emergency department visits than ‘under(jabbed)’ children.”

The more jabs taken for protection against various diseases not gotten, the greater the harm to health.

Noted German microbiologist Sucharit Bhakdi warned that global covid mass-jabbing is “decimating the world’s population” by harming people at the cellular level.

These experimental drugs fail to achieve what’s claimed about them.

They harm and don’t protect.

Almost no one under age-70, without a serious preexisting condition, is at risk of dying from seasonal flu now called covid.

Manipulating people to be unnecessarily jabbed is “unethical (and) criminal,” Bhakd stressed.

CHD quoted noted pediatrician Michelle Perro, saying “(s)ick is the new normal” for US children today, adding:

It’s “so commonplace that diseases that are indeed dis-eases have become normalized, such as chronic asthma, allergies, gut issues, neurologic issues — ADHD to autism spectrum disorders.” 

“And there are many others, obesity, metabolic disturbances and every other disorder is becoming normalized because they are so commonplace.”

Decades earlier children in the US were much healthier than ones today because of proliferated environmental toxins — including hazardous to health GMO foods, ingredients, and drugs, notably after seasonal flu underwent a name change.

Perro stressed that Pfizer and Moderna flu/covid drugs aren’t vaccines, saying:

They’re “genetically produced compounds made with messenger RNA that then tells your DNA what to transcribe.”

“Some of these medical interventions have been created using adenoviruses.” 

“Adenoviruses are common infections in kids.”

“That they don’t react with our own DNA is misguided.”

“Mainstream medicine is outdated and no longer relevant to the dangers facing our children today.” 

“(T)he leading cause of children’s demise right now (are) the alterations to the microbiota, the microbiome.”

“We as integrative medicine practitioners, particularly during this particular era in this last year, have been marginalized with our integrative tools.” 

“(I)t’s horrific how we’ve been marginalized to kind of promote a single-minded agenda and to discredit those of us that practice holistically.” 

“There has been a campaign to discredit and censor our group.”

We’re being lied to and mass deceived by Western regimes, their hostile to public health officials, Pharma wanting maximum profits, and MSM press agents for all of the above.

EUA for health-destroying flu/covid jabs never should have been given.

The standards required to issue an EUA were NOT met.

Declaring it for toxic flu/covid drugs was planned long in advance.

The same is true for all things flu/covid with diabolical aims in mind.

Looking ahead, it’s virtually certain that EUA will be OK’d for all segments of US society, including all age groups from infancy to the elderly.

The diabolical plot is polar opposite what protecting and preserving public health should be all about.

EUA is a scam, a con job with maximum Pharma profits and maximum harm intended against maximum numbers of unwanted people — with mass-exterminating them in mind.

A Final Comment

Through October 22, Pharma-controlled CDC VAERS data reported 837,595 adverse events from Pfizer, Moderna, and J & J kill shots.

They included serious harm to 127,457 individuals and 17,619 deaths.

As earlier explained — based on HHS analysis — the above numbers reflect less than 1% of the real toll.

Do the math. It shows that most everyone jabbed was harmed.

The death toll to date is many multiples greater than the lowball number reported.

The human toll in Britain and EU countries reflects a similar horror story — the same true in Israel and other countries where these health-destroying drugs are used.

The bottom line is indisputable. Jabs designed to irreversibly harm health are working as planned.

Shunning them is crucial to stay free from their toxins.

If already got one or more jabs, take no more.

They’re high risk and no reward, all harmful with no protection of health and well-being.

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