Resumption of Going-Nowhere JCPOA Talks Ahead

In May 2018, the Trump regime killed the landmark agreement, complicit E3 partners going along.

After usurping power by election-rigging, Biden regime hardliners drove another nail into the JCPOA’s corpse that exists in name only.

Their actions flagrantly breached unanimously adopted Security Council Res. 2231, making the landmark agreement binding international and US constitutional law.

Six rounds of talks in Vienna from April to June on breathing new life into the moribund agreement accomplished nothing.

Following Ebrahim Raeisi’s landslide election triumph to become Iran’s new president on June 18 — succeeding two-term incumbent Hassan Rouhani in August —  further JCPOA talks were suspended.

On Wednesday, Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister/chief JCPOA negotiator Ali Baqeri-Kani tweeted the following:

“(H)ad a very serious & constructive dialogue with @enriquemora on the essential elements for successful negotiations.” 

“We agree(d) to (re)start negotiations before the end of November.” 

“Exact date w(ill) be announced in the course of the next week.”

Mora is EU political chief Josep Borrell’s chief of staff.

Resumption of talks are virtually sure to be no successful than earlier failed rounds.

It’s because of unacceptable Biden regime demands to be rejected, not the other way around. See below.

In early October, interventionist Blinken falsely accused Iran of breaching the JCPOA — a bald-faced Big Lie.

At the same time, he ignored the agreement’s breach by the Trump and Biden regimes.

Claiming that the impersonator in the White House vowed to come back into compliance with the agreement ignored US intent for continued noncompliance.

Notably since replacing Trump, no Biden regime actions were taken to go the other way.

Blinken warned Iran, saying “there is a limited runway (for resumption of talks and it’s) getting shorter.”

On Wednesday, his spokesman Price repeated the threat, saying:

“(A) window (for talks) will not be open indefinitely.”

He repeated the Big Lie about Iranian noncompliance while ignoring that two US regimes have been in breach of their JCPOA obligations for the past three-and-a half years with no signs of changing policy by the one illegitimately in power.

The landmark agreement is virtually dead — with no chance of reviving it — because of legitimate Iranian demands Biden regime hardliners refuse to accept.

Iran justifiably wants all illegally imposed US sanctions removed.

It wants guarantees against reimposing them.

It wants Biden regime assurance that Washington won’t pull out of the deal again if returns to compliance.

It wants assurance of binding US compliance with SC Res. 2231 provisions — unanimously agreed to on July 14, 2015, adopted on October 18, 2015 implemented on January 16, 2016.

Biden regime hardliners agreed to lift some sanctions, leaving others in place.

It maintains the right to illegally impose new ones at its discretion.

It unacceptably wants curbs imposed on Iran’s legitimate ballistic missile program.

Along with other Iranian weapons, they’re solely for defense, not offense the way hegemon USA, NATO and Israel operate.

The Biden regime also wants the JCPOA used as a platform for “building a stronger and longer deal working with (US) partners.” 

Their scheme is all about weakening Iran’s ability to defend itself against US or Israeli aggression if launched.

It wants legitimate Iranian support for Syria, Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Yemen’s Houthis halted or sharply curtailed.

All its demands are in return for hollow US promises to be breached at its discretion.

Its demands assure rejection, not acceptance.

They’re why multiple rounds of talks failed, further ones virtually sure to fare no better.

No matter how long they continue, both right wings of the US war party remain militantly hostile toward Iranian freedom from their control.

In the meantime, Iranian relations with China, Russia and other nations facilitate trade that includes large-scale oil exports.

While the chance of preemptive US or Israeli war is possible, what hasn’t happened before is highly unlikely ahead because of Iran’s ability to hit back hard against aggressors.

What’s most likely to continue is US/Israeli war on Iran by other means — by illegal sanctions, cyberattacks, and other hostile actions short of military confrontation.

Biden regime promises to return to JCPOA compliance were hollow when made.

Iran knows what it’s up against.

US hostility toward Iran since its liberating 1979 revolution remains hard-wired with no prospect of softening as long as the Islamic Republic refuses to subordinate its sovereign rights to a higher power in Washington.

JCPOA talks with P5+1 countries — indirectly with the US — may continue for some time.

Knowing they’re going nowhere, Iran is focusing on further deepening relations with nations respectful of its sovereign rights.

Ones with the West are a dead end. Reliable Iranian allies lie East.

A Final Comment

On Friday, unbending Biden regime hostility and duplicity toward Iran was on display for everyone paying attention to see.

Its Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) imposed new illegal sanctions on two senior Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) members and two Iranian firms allegedly linked to the IRGC.

In response, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh condemned the hostile action.

It came ahead of Tehran’s announced intention to resume JCPOA talks in Vienna before end of November.

Like its predecessor, the Biden regime’s message is clear.

It has no intention of dealing with Iran according to the rule of law — just the opposite.

Despite indisputable failure of US maximum pressure on Iran, it remains official Biden regime policy — with continued maximum failure assured.

Note: In April 2019, the Trump regime falsely declared the IRGC a terrorist organization (sic).

The hostile and unlawful designation came in stark contrast to US state-terrorism committed by most all its branches of government against the fundamental rights of most nations and their people — including at home against most Americans.

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