Australian-Style Medical Tyranny

The land down under is unsafe and unfit for its citizens, residents and visitors.

On all things flu/covid, tyranny is the law of the land.

Draconian policies in place with harsh enforcement have nothing to do with protecting and preserving public health as claimed by the nation’s 2016 Public Health Act and Australia’s ruling Morrison regime.

They’re all about using seasonal flu now called covid as a pretext for enforcing tyrannical rule.

Is what’s going on test-marketing for what’s planned in the US/West ahead?

Failure to comply with what no one should tolerate risks arrests, stiff fines, and/or seizure of assets to include homes. See below.

Human Rights Watch slammed Australia’s most-populous province that includes Melbourne, its second largest city.

Draconian policies imposed by Premier Daniel Andrews, including 9PM to 5AM curfews, have nothing to do with protecting “human life,” as he falsely claimed.

Residents may only go a short distance from homes to buy food, provide care, exercise, or go to work that requires permit permission.  

Weeks earlier, a pregnant woman was arrested and charged with incitement for exercising her right of free expression and assembly by organizing an anti-lockdown protest on social media.

A man heading to work on his bike at 5:30AM was assaulted and racially abused by police.

Countless other human rights abuses continue.

Western Australian prisons are “deadly” for targeted individuals, especially for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples with disabilities. 

On September 30, Fox News host Tucker Carlson ripped Australia’s draconian rules, saying:

“(R)eality (in Australia is…different from what we imagine.”

What’s going on is “not the kind of thing that happens in a free country, to put it mildly.”

“(D)raconian” policies are enforced.

A man spotted smoking outdoors was arrested for not wearing a mask.

“People are being welded inside their apartments to starve.”

“Guys in hazmat suits are forcing people into quarantine boxes and then driving away to some unknown destination.”

“(A) manhunt (was ordered) for a man who sneezed in an elevator.”

“Australians complaining and demonstrating peacefully against the lockdowns (and other draconian policies are being) beaten by police.”

“(I)t’s terrifying that (what’s going on) could happen in a” country that considers itself civilized.

In parts of heavily populated Eastern Australia, unjabbed individuals are at risk of “los(ing) their freedoms.”

“No more freedom if you don’t get the (jab), but they will arrest you for being outside smoking a cigarette a block from your home without a mask and not even ask you whether you’ve been” jabbed.

Head of policy for Melbourne’s Institute of Public Affairs, Gideon Rozner, explained the following:

Draconian policies imposed are “not the behavior of a free country.”

“I don’t think it’s possible to say that Australia right now is a functioning liberal democracy.”

Flu/covid “completely changed the relationship between government and citizens in this country.” 

“It has overwhelmed every check and balance in our system.” 

“It has upended every single norm almost of democratic governance.”

“This is a radically new era that we’ve seen in Australia.” 

“(W)e have seen images of police lunging at unarmed protesters in counterterrorism equipment.” 

“We’ve seen during Melbourne protests that the police in my home state of Victoria asked the Civil Aviation Authorities to declare a no-fly zone over Melbourne so that commercial media outlets couldn’t film the protesters in case people saw how big they were and went down and joined in the protests and started marching as well.”

“That is an extraordinary step for any government to take.” 

“The police censoring the broadcast media and it has been in the main accepted.” 

“Opinion is changing now 18 months later, but in the main, it has not raised the kind of protest that we should have seen because of the way in which our authorities here in Australia have instilled such fear into the population about this virus.”

Among Australian politicians and bureaucrats, “there is essentially bipartisan consent” for draconian policies.

“There doesn’t seem to be any political will to end the situation quickly.”

“We’re becoming used to this idea that freedoms are not an inherent right.”

“They are a gift from the government or a privilege that we get back in exchange for staying at home, following the rules as they say in Australia or getting” jabbed.

“It is a very, very bad precedent because we have to ask ourselves what the next emergency will be and the next one after that.”

“And if it happened in Australia, it can happen anywhere.”

On Friday, Britain’s Daily Mail reported the following:

“Thousands of Australians with unpaid fines for breaking (draconian) rules ha(d) their homes (or other properties) seized, bank accounts (frozen) and (driver) licenses cancelled.” 

The above have been assessed against individuals and businesses.

What’s going on is state-sponsored grand theft by any standard over rules no just societies would tolerate.

Is the worst of what’s going on in Australia a precursor for what’s coming to the US/West.

Will it show up in communities near you and your own?

Will life as existed pre-2020 never revert back to the ways things were?

Will full-blown tyranny be the next shoe to drop throughout the West — on the phony pretext of draconian harshness for our own good?

A Final Comment

Proposed Victoria province legislation will exceed draconian policies in place if enacted into law.

Measures includes stiffer fines — up to $68,000 for individuals, $452,000 for businesses — and possible imprisonment for violations of flu/covid restrictions no one should tolerate.

Introduced days earlier, the measure also empowers regime officials to reimpose lockdowns under invented emergency conditions.

With oppressive rule in place nationwide, unacceptable legislation is likely to be adopted in Victoria and elsewhere in the country.

The fundamental rights of ordinary Aussies are disappearing in plain sight — what only rebellion against fascist rule can stop.


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