Courts Over Constitution in Chicago

US federal and state courts at all levels are stacked with opponents of international and constitutional law.

Their unacceptable rulings are more proof of US fantasy democracy — from inception.

Chicago is a microcosm of erosion of fundamental freedoms in the US nationwide — on a fast track toward elimination altogether.

What’s happening in the city reflects war on public health nationwide and abroad with intent to destroy it beyond repair.

On Friday, US District Judge John Lee denied a request by Chicago firefighters and other city workers for a temporary restraining order against toxic jabs as (unconstitutionally) mandated by Mayor Lightfoot and Governor Pritzker.

Claiming city workers were unsuccessful in previous lawsuits against mandated jabs, he told lawyers for the city and plaintiffs to submit more evidence for him to consider up or down on in the coming days on a requested preliminary injunction to halt what’s going on.

On the same day by a majority 30 – 13 vote, Chicago City Council members rejected a proposed ordinance to overturn Lightfoot’s mandate for city workers to be fully-jabbed by December 31 — with toxins able to destroy their health if taken as ordered.

Ahead of Friday’s vote, Lightfoot defended the indefensible, along with accusing ordinance supporters of attempting to weaken the powers of her office and her personally.

She also cited a dubious poll that claims 69% of Chicagoans support mandated jabs for city workers.

Much like elsewhere in the US, claims about thousands of city residents killed by flu/covid were artificially inflated to scare people into unwittingly self-inflicting harm.

Lightfoot earlier mandated all city workers to be fully-jabbed by October 15.

Because of widespread resistance against what no one should tolerate, she moved the goalposts back to December 31.

With officially reported numbers artificially inflated, it’s unclear what percent of police, firefighters, teachers and other city workers are jabbed for flu/covid.

On November 2, Cook County Judge Raymond Mitchell said he’ll rule on whether mandated jabs for city police will be upheld or overturned, the former highly likely. 

Separately on Friday, Illinois senators agreed to send Governor Pritzker a proposal to prevent use of a decade’s old law to be exempt for mandated jabs on moral or religious grounds.

Changing Illinois’ Health Care Right of Conscience Act was adopted by a 31 – 24 majority in the Senate — a day after House members approved it by a 64 – 52 vote.

Reportedly supported by Pritzker, the measure will become effective on June 1 if he signs it into law.

Late Thursday, he thanked House and Senate undemocratic Dems for “join(ing) together to affirm that the Health Care Right of Conscience Act was never meant to put vulnerable people in harm’s way” — what’s going on today nationwide and abroad, Pritzker adding:

“This legislation clarifies existing law’s intent without infringing on federal protections (sic).”

“(T)his means we can keep kids in school, businesses open, neighbors safe, and continue on the path to bring this (invented) pandemic to an end (sic).”

Ways to achieve the above aren’t taken. Polar opposite ones are in place, likely worse in the wings to come.

Refusenik city workers face an uphill battle to protect their health from irreversible harm from toxic jabs designed for this purpose.

If failing to prevail judicially — what’s highly likely — their fallback option is seeking new employment where their constitutional rights are upheld.

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