Russian Foreign Ministry on Ukraine and Other Issues

Commenting on US-installed coup d’etat rule in Ukraine, Russia’s Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) said the following:

On orders from its higher power in Washington, Ukraine’s puppet Zelensky regime escalated aggression against Donbass.

Preemptive cross-border fighting includes shelling and use of Turkish-supplied Bayratar assault drones.

According to MZ, civilian infrastructure and residential homes were damaged, adding:

“Twelve electrical substations were left without power.” 

“(F)urther regional deterioration” is likely.

“The Ukrainian military and security agencies have been intentionally violating the additional Measures to Strengthen the Ceasefire, which were agreed upon in July 2020.”

“They are resolved to further escalate an already challenging situation and ignore the requests to guarantee ceasefire compliance made by Donbass representatives within the Joint Center for Control and Coordination.”

As orchestrated by its US master, Kiev is hell bent for endless war on Donbass and its people — with destabilizing border areas with Russia in mind.

Along with US-supplied heavy weapons for aggression, the Biden regime urged other countries to provide Ukraine with more weapons for perpetual war along the country’s border with Russia.

MZ condemned large numbers of heavy weapons supplied to Ukraine, stressing:

“(T)here is no military solution to the conflict in southeastern Ukraine.” 

“Attempts to settle the conflict by force will have the most regrettable, unpredictable and tragic consequences.”

“We call on Western (regimes that) are delivering these weapons to Ukraine, primarily Washington, as well as Berlin and Paris as the Normandy format participants, to stop encouraging the country’s (aggression) and use their influence to set Kiev back on the path to achieving sustainable peace in Donbass by political and diplomatic means.”

Along with the above, US and other Western regimes are training and directing “Ukrainian neo-Nazis,” MZ explained.

A report by George Washington University’s Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (IERES) said US-led Western countries are involved with far-right extremists in Ukraine.

MZ noted that US “researchers analyzed activities of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi group Centuria.”

It’s based “in Ukraine’s major western military training hub, the National Army Academy (NAA).” 

“Neo-Nazis receive the necessary military training and experience at the academy, where they also recruit new members among cadets.” 

“Upon graduation, they seek appointment with the Ukrainian Armed Forces, including at units that are connected with the notorious Azov Battalion.”

These extremists are also trained at European military academies.

What’s going on reflects US-dominated NATO’s hostility toward Russia — along with longstanding US policy to arm, train, and direct proxy forces for use against nations on its target list for regime change.

MZ called US/Western ties to Ukrainian neo-Nazi extremists “inadmissible and extremely dangerous.”

Given US rage for endless wars against invented enemies, what’s going on in central Europe, the Middle East, the Asia/Pacific and elsewhere will surely continue.

On October 27, Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) head Denis Pushilin said Ukrainian forces seized the Staromaryevka settlement in the buffer zone along the southern part of the disengagement line between Kiev-controlled areas and the DPR. 

The previous day, Ukraine’s military said that a Bayraktar assault drone was used for the first time against Donbass. 

According to ceasefire terms, use of combat drones is expressly prohibited along the line of contact.

Wars waged by hegemon USA directly or with proxy foot soldiers follow its own “rules” exclusively — ones that flagrantly breach international law.

Commenting on apartheid Israel, MZ noted that the Bennett regime intends to illegally build another 1,300 residences for exclusive Jewish use in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Russian support Palestinian rights reflects little more than lip service in favor of normalized relations with Israel, MZ saying the following:

“Russia’s principled and consistent stance (is) that Israel’s settlement activity is against the law.” 

“We believe that this one-sided action undermines the chances of building a viable and geographically continuous Palestinian state in conformance with UN resolutions.” 

“It also undermines the effectiveness of the international community’s efforts to create conditions for resuming the Palestine-Israel political dialogue as soon as possible.”

No such conditions exist, no prospect for establishment of Palestinian statehood as it should be, no chance for world community enforcement of Palestinian rights.

Nor is there any prospect for holding Israel responsible for its longstanding crimes of war, against humanity and other criminality.

What MZ should have stressed she left unexplained.

On Afghanistan, she noted that Moscow is following developments in the country closely.

Its socioeconomic conditions are dire. Millions of its people are deeply impoverished and food insecure, widespread hunger a major problem.

Large-scale humanitarian aid is needed. Assets illegally frozen by the Biden regime need to be released.

MZ called Russian recognition of Taliban rule “premature,” adding:

“At the same time, we believe that Kabul’s practical steps to meet the expectations of the international community and regional partners, in particular regarding the creation of an ethnically and politically balanced government, the continued fight against terrorism and drug trafficking, and respect for fundamental civil rights and freedoms may have a stimulating effect on these process.”

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