Pharma-Controlled CDC Pushes Forever Jabbing

The script for what’s ongoing was prepared long before seasonal flu was renamed covid with diabolical aims in mind. Jabbing, double-jabbing and boosters aren’t good enough for Pharma profiteers. They want forever-jabbing for maximum profits gotten at the expense of harming the health of maximum numbers of unwanted people. On Tuesday, the Pharma-controlled CDC —... Continue Reading →

Healthcare Redefined: Hospitals Transformed into Prisons

US hospitalization for flu/covid patients is far more hazardous to health and survival than the viral illness. Explaining the disturbing reality of the times since seasonal flu was renamed covid and toxic health-destroying mass-jabbing began, Truth for Health Foundation’s President Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD said the following: US hospitals nationwide are “fail(ing) to (fulfill) fundamental... Continue Reading →

Flashpoint in Taiwan

Hegemon USA invents enemies to wage forever wars by hot and/or other means. Both right wings of its war party consider peace, stability and compliance with the rule of law anathema notions. A perpetual state of war exists because of Washington’s megalomaniacal drive for global hegemony by whatever it takes to achieve its diabolical aims.... Continue Reading →

Advice Crucial to Shun

Cut from the same health-destroying cloth as angel of death fraudsters Fauci, Walensky and their anti-public health counterparts, Leana Wen reports similar fake news on CNN and in WaPo columns. Make no mistake. Following her toxic advice is hazardous to health and deadly. Connected to Pharma profiteers, she serves their interests and her own at... Continue Reading →

Flu/Covid News to Know

What’s gone on since last year far exceeds silver screen horror film chills because reality isn’t fiction. When ruling authorities are hostile to public health, well-being and the rule of law, they’re mortal enemies of their people.  That’s the stark reality on all things flu/covid.  What continues unchecked caused unparalleled harm to unprecedented numbers of... Continue Reading →

It’s Official

Forever-jabbing with health-destroying toxins is official US policy. If survive one jab, another and a booster, forever-jabs will eliminate most people getting them by destroying their bodily organs. Newly issued Pharma-controlled CDC guidelines approved a fourth toxic dose for around 100 million so-called high-risk Americans. Most are falsely designed this way, including healthcare workers, teachers,... Continue Reading →

AMA Medical Tyranny: Part II

The American Medical Association long ago lost credibility. Instead of prioritizing known safe and effective protocols alone for treating illness, profits over all else matters most. In cahoots with Pharma profiteers on all things flu/covid, the AMA pushes kill shots to destroy health over what’s known to safely and effectively treat and cure the viral... Continue Reading →

World Council for Health Straight Talk on Flu/Covid

The World Council for Health (WCH) is an umbrella coalition that includes dozens “health-focused groups from around the world.” Independent of governments, Pharma and other institutions of power, it’s “free to promote factual and effective health care advice.” Its mission is “to provide the latest unbiased scientific guidance” to help ordinary people protect their health.... Continue Reading →

Eliminating the Unwanted: Part III

The most diabolically sinister plot against life, liberty and public health rages with MSM support over exposing and condemning what was made-in-the USA with the most demonic evil intentions in mind. A previous article discussed the upcoming online Truth for Health Foundation (TFH) Stop the Shot: Caught on Tape Wednesday conference. Indisputable evidence was presented... Continue Reading →

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