Biden Regime War on Humanity

Nominally headed by an imposter because dementia-Joe is cognitively detached from reality, the Biden regime threatened China, Russia, Iran, other nations, along with countless millions at home and abroad it targets for extermination.

Run by gangsters masquerading as politicians, bureaucrats and diplomats, its diabolical agenda represents an unprecedented threat to humanity.

Along with its craze to exterminate maximum numbers of unwanted people worldwide by toxic jabs designed to destroy health, it threatened unthinkable war on China, Russia and Iran.

According to an ancient proverb: “Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.”

The above applies to the madness of Washington’s criminal class.

Headquartered in the White House, backed by undemocratic Dems, notably their megalomaniacal leadership in Congress, they risk destruction of planet earth by their rage to own it.

Last week, the imposter in the White House vowed to defend Taiwan, China’s breakaway province to be reunited with the mainland to correct a historic mistake.

Last August — reading lines scripted for him — the fake Biden pushed the envelope for more US aggression than already, saying:

“We made a sacred commitment to Article Five that if…anyone were to invade or take action against our NATO allies, we would respond.”

“Same with Japan, same with South Korea, same with – Taiwan.”

Directed at nonbelligerent/nonthreatening China and Russia, the hostile remark ignored reality about nations that prioritize peace, stability, cooperative relations with other countries and compliance with the rule of law.

The same goes for Iran, a nation that hasn’t waged preemptive war for centuries.

Their way is polar opposite how hegemon USA-dominated NATO and apartheid Israel operate.

While war on China, Russia or Iran is highly unlikely, their crazed leadership makes the unthinkable possible.

Last week, the fake Biden threatened Iran, vowing what he called retaliation “against the interests of the US (sic).”

Its so-called domestic and geopolitical interests are hostile to virtually everything that just societies hold most dear.

Iran knows what it’s up against. On Sunday, its Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said the Biden regime has no intention of returning to JCPOA compliance as mandated by binding Security Council Res. 2231, adding:

If its authorities “were serious” about taking this step, they’d be “no need to (hold Vienna) talks.”

The imposter in the White House can comply with what was flagrantly and illegally breached by a stroke of his pen on an executive order.

What should have happened straightaway after usurping power didn’t for obvious reasons.

A decades-long state of undeclared war by other means exists by hegemon USA on Iran for not selling its soul to a higher power in Washington.

Amir-Abdollahian noted Biden regime hypocrisy — saying one thing then going the other way.

The fake Biden promised he’d return to JCPOA compliance.

The regime’s actions — without exception — proved the vow to be a bald-faced Big Lie with no prospect of going the other way, notably by imposing more illegal sanctions on Iran last week for fabricated reasons.

Trustworthiness was never a US attribute throughout its history. 

Rare moments otherwise were exceptions to the hard-wired rule.

Extrajudicial abandonment of the JCPOA by the Trump regime and complicit E3 partners drove a stake through the heart of the landmark agreement.

The illegitimate Biden regime went the same way straightaway after usurping power — killing the deal a second time around.

In stark contrast, Iran maintained full compliance with its JCPOA  obligations since becoming effective in January 2016.

Its good faith is never good enough for dominant US war party hardliners on both sides of the aisle. 

On Sunday, interventionist Blinken threatened Iran like many times before, saying:

“(E)very (hostile Biden regime) option is on the table,” adding:

It’s “very much prepared to take whatever action is appropriate at a time and place of our choosing, by whatever means are appropriate, to prevent and stop Iran from engaging in these activities, or its proxies engaging in these activities (sic).”

He lied accusing Iran of “put(ting) Americans and others at risk.”

He and other regime belligerents are committed to endless US wars by hot and other means against invented enemies — nations free from hegemonic US control.

Separately, Russia’s Sergey Lavrov slammed the hostile Biden regime, saying:

Its warships deployed to Black Sea waters near Russia’s territory contribute heavily to global instability over the other way around, adding:

Its actions breach “international law norms for ships of non-littoral states to enter the Black Sea.”

“These issues are regulated by the Montreux Convention, under which the states of the flag of a particular warship must notify the Turkish authorities.”

“We keep a close eye on these rules to be observed.”

“(T)he US naval flag demonstration in the Black Sea is not the sole case, of course.” 

“The US directly announced on several occasions that the need for its warships to enter these waters was prompted by the tasks of deterring Russia and preventing the creation of alleged risks from Russia in the Black Sea for US allies” — despite no evidence that any exist.

Russia is “ready for any threats.” 

“For us, there exist no problems to reliably ensure the security of Russian territory and security in the Black Sea.” 

“But we always stand for promoting cooperation projects instead of projects based on confrontation.”

Longstanding US imperial policy consistently goes the other way.

“Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko warned about what he called US-dominated NATO’s intention to turn “the Black Sea into an arena of military confrontation,” adding:

This reckless policy is “an extremely dangerous path fraught with the risk of military incidents and escalation.” 

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu accused US-dominated NATO of refusing to engaged in conflict-avoiding dialogue. 

Instead, hegemon USA invents nonexistent threats to deploy forces close to Russia’s borders — an unacceptable threat to its security, an action risking preemptive war.

US-dominated NATO reportedly prepared a master plan for preemptive nuclear war on Russia.

China and Iran are threatened the same way.

Hegemon USA likely has similar plans prepared for aggression against both countries and other invented enemies.

Make no mistake. If unthinkable global war 3.0 occurs, it’ll be made-in-the-USA.

If waged with nukes, thermonukes and other super-weapons, it would risk extinguishing life on earth.

Do dominant US crazies consider the above a risk worth taking?

Don’t bet against their thinking this way.

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