Health-Destroying Kill Shots Better Than Natural Immunity?

Redefining chutzpah is needed.

The same goes for lies, Big Lies and mass deception.

All things flu/covid changed the rules.

Never have ordinary people throughout the US/West and elsewhere been so intensively carpet-bombed round-the-clock 24/7 as about renamed seasonal flu

The biggest of Big Lies and mass deception repeat in same old or new form with intent to irreversibly harm and eliminate maximum numbers through a syringe with toxins designed to destroy health beyond repair.

Yet newly released CDC propaganda defied reality by falsely claiming that toxic jabs protect better, stronger and longer than natural immunity.

According to science, the latter is the safest known protection against viral infection.

Not according to the Pharma-controlled CDC, NYT, CNN and other MSM lying machines claiming otherwise.

Their Biggest of Big Lies and mass deception never quit.

The Times: “Un(jabbed) people who had previously recovered from a (flu/covid) infection were five times as likely to (be reinfected) as people who had received both (kill) shots of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna” jabs (sic) — according to CDC fake news regurgitated by the Times.

According to CNN’s defiance of reality, toxic jabs “protect people against (flu/covid) much better than previous infection does (sic),” adding:

This science-refuting claim “should help settle debates over whether people who have been infected should bother getting vaccinated (sic).” 

“They should (sic)” according to fake news by the cable channel and Pharma officials now operating at the CDC with dreams of never before imagined riches by brainwashing unprecedented numbers of people to believe what destroys health is beneficial.

On its website, CDC fake news claimed the following rubbish:

“Among (flu/covid) illness hospitalizations among adults aged ≥18 years whose previous infection or (jab) occurred 90–179 days earlier, the adjusted odds of laboratory-confirmed (flu/covid) among un(jabbed) adults with previous infection (from a) SARS-CoV-2 (virus that doesn’t exist) were 5.49-fold higher than the odds among fully (jabbed) recipients of an mRNA (kill shot) who had no previous documented infection (95% confidence interval = 2.75–10.99) (sic).”

In simple English, claiming unjabbed individuals — with natural immunity from having contracted and fully recovered from flu/covid — are five times more likely to be reinfected than their jabbed counterparts is debunked by science.

The above is fake news rubbish, not indisputable science.

What’s claimed to be from a CDC study is agency propaganda with no credibility.

Yet it’s using invented rubbish to maintain that “all eligible persons should be (jabbed) against (flu/covid) as soon as possible, including un(jabbed) persons previously infected with (the) SARS-CoV-2” virus that virologists and other scientists never found.

What never was found after many years of research searching to identify proves its nonexistence beyond a reasonable doubt.

Claims otherwise — and all else related to flu/covid Big Lies — by US/Western dark forces, Pharma, the CDC and other anti-public health agencies their firms control, as well as MSM co-conspirators for proliferating their rubbish, comprise the foundation of the most colossal scam of all-time ever unleashed on an unsuspecting public.

The CDC’s definition of infection based on PCR tests lacks credibility. 

Virtually all positive results are false because of how they’re administered to artificially inflate numbers of outbreaks that don’t exist.

The Times quoted angel of death and human misery Walensky’s Big Lie claim that “(w)e now have additional evidence (sic) that reaffirms (sic) the importance of flu/covid jabs (sic), even if you have had prior infection (sic).”

The above Big Lie is another reason why nothing she says holds up under independent scrutiny.

Joined-at-the-hip with Pharma, she exclusively serves the interests of its profiteers along with US dark forces in high places.

New UK data — suppressed by the Times, CNN and other MSM — showed that over 80% of flu/covid deaths and two-thirds of individuals hospitalized for the illness were fully-jabbed for protection not gotten.

Conversely, the vast majority of unjabbed individuals — including ones with natural immunity — are far safer from contracting the viral illness than their jabbed counterparts.

What Pharma, the CDC, other anti-public health agencies, and their MSM press agents suppress is what’s most important for everyone to know.

What they lie about is responsible for irreversibly harming countless millions of people and killing hundreds of thousands. 

The lot of them belong in prison longterm doing harm time for unforgivable mass-murder with intent to kill countless millions more.

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