Orchestrated Breakdown of Supply Chains: Part II

There’s no ambiguity about why US 2020 federal elections were rigged to assure executive and congressional control by undemocratic Dems.

Planned long before November 3, 2020 elections were held, the books were cooked to let undemocratic Dems pursue the worst of all things flu/covid unobstructed — especially toxic jabs designed to destroy health on the phony pretext of protecting it.

There’s nothing accidental about a planned supply chain breakdown.

In the world’s richest country with state-of-the-art everything, what’s going on and likely to worsen was designed to include shortages of food, other essentials, and double-digit inflation.

Based on how the CPI was calculated pre-1990, it’s 13.4% year-over-year, according to the latest accurately reported data.

The officially reported 5.39% figure was artificially depressed to conceal reality.

Most officially reported economic data are fake to conceal what’s really going on.

For the vast majority of Americans, protracted Depression conditions exist at a time of a vanishing Middle Class — most available jobs paying poverty or sub-poverty wages with few or no benefits.

In stark contrast, most privileged Americans never had things better.

The great wealth transfer from ordinary Americans to wealthy and super-wealthy ones continues as planned.

The US and other Western nations were thirdworldized to benefit corporate giants and their ruling elite at the expense of most others.

Last month, a New York Post report explained that “(p)arts of the US are (affected by) food shortages…”

In response, “worried Americans…emptied supermarket shelves amid the supply chain crisis threatening the nation’s economy and holiday shopping.”

What’s going on comes at a time when two major US California ports “face a massive…backlog” of container ships offshore that are unable to unload their cargo.

What’s happening and likely to worsen was planned by US dark forces in pursuit of their diabolical mass-extermination campaign by toxic jabs, along with elimination of what remains of fundamental freedoms.

Bloomberg News reported that while there’s “plenty of food…enough processing and transportation capacity” is less than what’s needed to accommodate demand.

“(S)upp(lies) of basic goods at US grocery stores and restaurants” are hampered by people hoarding that creates shortages and delays.

What Bloomberg, the NY Post, and other MSM fail to report is that what’s happening was planned and will likely continue for some time.

According to Albertsons Cos. CEO Vivek Sankaran:

“I never imagined that we’d be here in October 2021 talking about supply-chain problems, but it’s a reality.” 

“Any given day, you’re going to have something missing in our stores, and it’s across categories.”

Food producer Safron Road’s CEO Adnan Durrani said “(p)eople are hoarding.”

“What I think you’ll see over the next six months, all prices will go higher.”

Chicago-based Dill Pickle Food Co-Op is short-supplied of some dry goods because two of its main distributors only partially shipped orders.

Giant member-owned farm/agricultural cooperative Land O’Lakes chief supply official Yone Dewberry said supply chain problems — that include driver shortages, labor and port backlogs — disrupted deliveries.

Bloomberg News quoted food services director of Denver public schools Theresa Hafner, saying the following:

“We’ve been struggling with supply-chain issues with different items since school started.” 

“It just continues to pop up. It’s like playing whack-a-mole.”

A&W restaurants cancelled a negotiated deal for chicken tenders for lack of enough supply for its 560 locations.

National Pork Producers Council official Steve Meyer said its operations are hampered by an inadequate supply of styrofoam trays.

For lack of enough workers because of low pay and poor conditions, meatpacking plants are operating below capacity.

According to Meyer: “You name it, it’s going wrong somewhere.”

As previously explained, a combination of back-logged US ports, lack of enough truckers and other workers, soaring energy costs and shortages, along with destructive flu/covid policies, created untenable conditions in the US/West.

They’ll likely worsen ahead and remain hard on ordinary people with intent to harm them for some time, perhaps for years.

Will healthcare when needed be denied to the unjabbed, the elderly in the US/West and others targeted for elimination?

It’s already happening in US hospitals nationwide as explained in a previous article.

Will greater US hunger than already increase in the new year and remain a longterm problem?

According to Feeding America:

Because of what’s gone on since last year, over 42 million Americans face “food insecurity, including (about) 13 million children.”

Events since early 2020 exacerbated hunger in America nationwide — in “rural and suburban communities.”

“Many households that experience food insecurity do not qualify for federal nutrition programs and (must) visit their local food banks and other food programs for extra support.”

“Hunger in African American, Latino, and Native American communities is higher because of systemic racial injustice.”

Along with toxic jabs designed to destroy health, does the diabolical Biden regime plan include starving the nation’s most disadvantaged to death?

Does the plan include withholding food deliveries, creating shortages, letting demand greatly exceed supply, so prices increasingly become more unaffordable for growing numbers of people than already?

Nothing pursued by the US criminal class should surprise. 

Their dirty scheme is all about eliminating maximum numbers of unwanted people, along with transforming the world community of nations into ruler/serf societies.

While they enjoy the best of times, they want the vast majority of people at home and abroad consigned to the equivalent of Dante’s hell.

That’s how low the diabolical US ruling class has sunk.

Resisting tyranny is a universal right. Now is the time to rise up before it’s too late.

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